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Halloween is a pretty big deal in many countries, but nowhere is it that much more popular than in the United States. Coupled with one of the naughtiest icon in terms of entertainment for gentlemen, Playboy, and we can be sure where we want to spend October 31st.

Also, for bike lovers, there are even more reasons to join, as the Motorcycle Charity Associates’ third annual Leather Meets Lace event will be held in partnership with the famous magazine. This means that on the 31st of October, at the famous Playboy Mansion, there will be hot chicks, fast bikes, a scary atmosphere and, overall, just about anything a man could wish for.

All of these things do have a purpose though, beside having a good time, as proceeds from the event will go to the Wounded Warrior Project, which supports the men and women which have served the United States in regions like Iraq or Afghanistan.

“Everything transforms on the Playboy Mansion Grounds. Face your fears at the haunted house, Famous Grotto, Clubhouse, Cabañas, etc. Explore the shadows of the nearby Redwood Forest if you dare. Screaming is guaranteed. This is the most talked about, most anticipated Halloween Party, so don’t miss out! Beware: Plenty of tricks and treats are waiting for you. Come party with the world’s most beautiful women, Playmates, models, legendary painted ladies and celebrities,” read the press release for the event.

Reservations and more details can be found at this webpage. If you want to support the people fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan and want to have a great time combining girls with bikes, then this is a chance you can’t afford to miss.

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