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Pogea Audi A1

The tuners from Pogea Racing have announced their customization program for the Audi A1. They’ve upped the output of the engine, but this wasn’t a rather easy process as you might have expected due to the reason that the ECU of the A1, along with other processors, are password protected by a system which the automaker has named Tuning Protection Level 10.

However, Pogea’s hackers and tuners managed to reprogram the ECU, giving a healthy power boost. In other words, the A1’s engine can output 156 hp @ 5,500 rpm and 266 Nm @ 3,300 rpm, good for a top speed of 245 km/h. This power increase is available for the Stage I program.

Pogea Audi A1

The Stage II has been developed for the “sportier clients” and comes with a KW coilover suspension Variant 2 set up for the Hockenheimring track, along with additional air cooling and black-painted OZ Racing Alleggrita HLT rims, wrapped around in ET35 Sport Contact 3 Continental rubber. In addition, the engineers at Pogea have fitted the tiny A1 with a new set of Brembo brakes and a custom exhaust system.

My only complaint about this tuning program is the color; they should have chosen something a little bit more lively, like red for example.

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Pogea Racing Audi A7

The Audi A7 is one of the coolest-looking cars I’ve seen lately, but what happens if you tune it? It gets better. With this concept in mind, Pogea Racing developed their “Seven Sins” version of the A7 Sportback. Available for the models fitted with the 3.0 TSFI and 3.0 TDI engines, this tuned A7 brings both exterior and interior upgrades, along with some well-deserved engine upgrades.

Let’s start with the 3.0 TFSI power unit. Thanks to the software optimization, this engine is now capable of producing 345 hp from the 300-hp standard. Peak torque is also up, from 440 to 495 Nm. The car also got a brand new stainless steel exhaust system.

Pogea Racing Audi A7

If you prefer diesels, the 3.0 TDI develops as standard 204 hp, but with the help of the same software optimization, it can output 251 hp. The maximum torque is now 468 Nm, in comparison to the standard 400 Nm. For the A7 models that are fitted with the S-Tronic gearbox, the power can be raised from 245 hp to 289 hp while the torque figures are up to 550 Nm, from the standard 500.

As far as the exterior modifications are concerned, the Audi A7 “Seven Sins” by Pogea Racing sits on a brand new set of 20-inch “STROKE” metal alloy wheels finished in shiny black and chrome. The standard suspension has been ditched in order to accommodate the new coil-over unit from KW, dubbed “Street Comfort”. To stop the car efficiently, the engineers have fitted the A7 Sportback with a new set of Brembo perforated steel discs as well as special brake pads.

The base price for this tuning package starts from approximately $2,418.

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The Fiat 500 is one mighty impressive city car and equipped with a lot of tuning potential, at least judging from the plethora of various projects we’ve seen since the tiny compact was launched.

Now, German company Pogea Racing decided to kick things up in a rather large way, and went to work on modifying the already powerful 168 HP Fiat 500 Ferrari Dealers Edition.

The result of their engineering? A ‘slight’ increase of 264 HP and a torque rating of 243 lb-ft for this modified Fiat 500.

How did Pogea Racing achieve such an impressive feat? A larger, stainless steel exhaust system was added, as was a modified downpipe and a catalytic converter. In order to keep all those horses under control, a bespoke four-piston brake system was added to the car.

Sadly, no price was given, as of yet, but you can be sure that this powerful Fiat 500 will fetch a pretty penny.


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