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For this week’s top 10 we figured out to show you some of the coolest police cars ever made. From Lamborghinis to Hummers, law enforcement agencies have them all.

Lamborghini Gallardo Police Car

Let’s kick things off with the sexiest car in this top, a Lamborghini Gallardo. Italy’s State Police can affirm that they have by far the coolest cop car after Lamborghini gave them a Gallardo LP560-4, a car that can do 203 mph. It has a 560-hp engine, which should be enough to catch the bad guys who are trying to evade. This isn’t a show car, as it has been fitted with the latest equipment of a modern police vehicle. Inside the cabin there is a GPS, video & radio hardware, a gun holster, as well as the traditional traffic directing “paletta” carried by Italian traffic officers. The car also has a refrigerated compartment in the front luggage area that allows the swift delivery of donor organs.

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Turning one of your models into a police car is quickly becoming one of the greatest ways to advertise that specific model, if you’re a carmaker.

Joining other novel ideas like Abu Dhabi’s Fiat 500 or the Nissan GT-R, or the Scottish police’s Audi Q7, the Central Motorway Police Group, which patrols the motorways across the Midlands of the UK, has just announced that it will deploy seven police-spec Jaguar XF models.

These new police cars started life as Diesel S models, powered by a 3.0-liter engine capable of 275 HP and 443 lb-ft of torque. Their impressive fuel average, 42 mpg (UK) and pretty low emissions, 179 g/km of CO2, made them suitable for police duty.

As such, the ‘rozzers’ added a new roof-mounted light bar, side alley lights, blue and white LED lamps in the front grille plus other such things in the rear light clusters. For added efficiency, improved electronics and new systems were added on the inside of the police Jag.


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Even though Carbon Motors announced its entry into the purpose-built police car market, with the E7 prototype it showcased a few years ago, nothing concrete was heard after that. The recent deal between Carbon and BMW, so that the future squad cars could be powered by the Bavarian company’s 3.0-liter twin-turbo diesel engine, did awake new interest in the project.

Sadly, don’t go thinking you’ll be seeing the intriguing E7 patrolling the streets anytime soon, as Automotive News is reporting that Carbon officials are still waiting for a federal government loan of $310 million, so that the production can start without a hitch.

Last time we heard, the company was boasting 13,000 pre-orders for the E7 police car, and it looked like it was getting close to production. According to AN, the first cars from Carbon Motors might be hitting the streets, if the loan goes through, as early as 2013. This will definitely give the cars coming from the Detroit 3 a lot of headway though.

Hopefully, at least for Carbon, the purpose-built nature of the E7, being specifically designed and built with police action in mind, will give it an edge over the once-civilian Ford Taurus Police Interceptor, Dodge Charger or Chevrolet Caprice.


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After scaring a lot of criminals with the introduction of a Nissan GT-R in its fleet of squad cars, the Abu Dhabi police force, more specifically its Al Ain branch, has employed an even more “frightening” model: the Fiat 500.

As you can imagine, the news struck fear into the hearts of criminals and crime rates have dropped below 0. In all seriousness though, the 500 will mainly be used at police events, in order to portray a friendlier image of the law enforcers into the local community.

“The Fiat 500 makes the police car more approachable, appealing to the public; in addition to being small enough to maneuver around cities’ congested areas. So far we have received great feedback on the Fiat 500 for city patrolling simply because the super mini is a friendly and funky looking vehicle. The car appeals to the youngsters and adults alike, which is exactly why it’s rightly suitable for the Department of Traffic and Patrols,” said Nassim Mourani, General Manager of Al Ain operations

It definitely seems like the Abu Dhabi police fleet is getting more exotic by the minute. What do you think should be the next additions? A Tata Nano or a Pagani Zonda perhaps? Share your thoughts below.


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As we revealed at the end of last week, Ford has officially unveiled the new Police Interceptor, based on the Taurus sedan. The car is set to replace the aging Crown Victoria from active service in 2011.

As was rumored, there will be two versions of the new Taurus Police Interceptor, one powered by the naturally aspirated 3.5-liter V6, capable of 263 HP and available with front- and all-wheel drive, and one powered by the beefier 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6, coming with all-wheel drive as standard.

But besides these engines which you can get on any normal Taurus, Ford insists that the rest of the car is completely bespoke, with elements designed in collaboration with law enforcement departments from across the USA.

First off, the unibody structure was stiffened, in order to withstand twice the standards of the old Crown Victoria. Recalibrated electronic stability controls and roll stability controls were also implemented, as well as beefier brakes and suspension.

On the inside, a variety of enhancements were added. Cutouts in the front seats for police-issue utility belts were added, the opening angle of the rear doors were enlarged, the back seat allows for more room, the gear shifter was moved to the steering column in order to allow more space in the center console for extra police equipment, and the steering wheel buttons are now connected to things like the siren or the light bar on the car, for easy access.

The Blue Oval will also work with police departments to upgrade their service areas, so that the new interceptors can be fixed as easily as the older Crown Victorias. The company also revealed that another utility vehicle, based on the Taurus platform, will also be offered to law enforcement departments, but declined to name it.

Overall, the new Taurus is set to be a worthy opponent for the Dodge Charge police car. May the best one win.


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Police, in the war against organized gangs, usually resort to confiscating what they find, in order to hurt the groups. But the Strathclyde Police, located to the north of Glasgow, Scotland, have taken this practice one step forward, with an Audi Q7 S Line, which they confiscated from a gang and have turned into a bona fide patrol car.

The car was impounded after a raid a few weeks ago, and seeing as how until it will be auctioned off, it was just gathering dust, the police officers decided to have a little fun, on the expense of gang members everywhere. As such, they decorated the Q7 TDI with official livery and are now using it to patrol the streets of the city.

“This is a first for Strathclyde Police, but it certainly won’t be the last,” said Assistant Chief Constable John Neilson in a prepared statement. “As you can clearly see, we are proactively seizing your assets. I would say to the criminals that what you have this week; your houses, your cars – you might not have next week. The hard working, law abiding citizens need to know that we are hurting those involved in serious and organized crime where it matters – their pockets.”

After a few months the car will be auctioned off, as is normal with confiscated goods, and the proceeds will be going to administration efforts for both the police and the community. Overall, this isn’t a bad idea and we’re hoping that the example will be followed by many other departments in the future.


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Policemen all over Europe drive the hottest cars. Why I am saying that… just look at the following examples. The German cops a driving the fastest legal sedan a 700 bph, twin turbo V12 Brabus CLS Rocket. It can reach 200 kilometers per hour in just 10.5 seconds. Now this is a real police car! Their neighbors, from Austria, are driving a 150.000 euro beauty, a Porsche 911, which can reach 100 km/hour in 3.4 seconds. In Italy you are very lucky to be in the police. You can drive a Lamborghini Gallardo. They have only two, one was donated to the police and one was bought. It has over 500 bhp and a very sporty look.

We should go to USA too. The cops like to drive there a Dodge Viper that can brake from 100 km to 0 less than 30 meters if needed, a Ford Mustang or a 7 litter super charged H2.Lotus Exige is the choice of the UK police. It has a V8 engine which has an average consumption of just 5 liters per 100 kilometers – it’s great for long chases. In Australia cops prefer a Holden VE Commodore fitted with a V6 engine that can generate 590 Nm of torque. They also like the Alfa Romeo GT. When Asians drift on public roads, the police will chase them with a Nissan Skyline GT-R, which seems to be a little faster then a 911 or a Gallardo as a Nurburgirng test showed. So what kind of cars the cops are driving in your country?

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