Police foil illegal nighttime racing on Hockenheimring circuit | Rpmgo.com

Although many of us approve of car racing, we firmly believe that it should be done in a closed environment and with all of the safety precautions taken by those who participate.

But a recent action at the Hockenheimring racing circuit, the venue for the Formula 1 German Gran Prix, serves a conflict of interest. It seems that a over 100 people in 43 cars got together at night on the track and began racing each other.

It was all fun and games before 50 cops arrived on the scene and fined them for illegal trespassing, as the fact that they were on an enclosed environment protected them from being charged with illegal street behavior or racing.

While the fact that they took the racing to a circuit should be applauded, they could’ve easily just gone to a track day or something like that, in order to prevent any problems with the police. What do you think? Leave a comment with your view.

Source: The Local via Autoblog

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