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As we revealed at the end of last week, Ford has officially unveiled the new Police Interceptor, based on the Taurus sedan. The car is set to replace the aging Crown Victoria from active service in 2011. As was rumored, there will be two versions of the new Taurus Police Interceptor, one powered by the naturally aspirated 3.5-liter V6, capable of 263… …read the full post

Ford promised at the end of 2009 that it will be showcasing a new Police Interceptor, due out in 2011, in order to replace the aging Crown Victoria from active service with law enforcement departments across the USA. Now, after a lot of speculation, the Blue Oval decided to release the first pictures of the car, based on the current Taurus sedan. It… …read the full post

While Ford is busy promoting its vehicles left and right, it hasn’t forgotten about its partnership with many police departments in the United States, providing them with the Crown Victoria Police Interceptor model. The company has now announced that it will be launching a brand new Interceptor around 2011, one which will improve the great experience… …read the full post