Porsche 996 reaches 224 mph, looses top, goes sideways, all in the video | Rpmgo.com

Well the title pretty much sums it right up. A 2003 Porsche 996 custom tuned by Evolution MotorSports went racing at a special strip in Texas and managed to reach a whopping 224 mph, highlighted by a certificate of recognition.

But the fact that it reached such a massive speed isn’t the most impressive thing, as it seems that Porsche was a convertible model, fitted with a soft top roof. The poor thing didn’t manage to withstand that massive speed and at around the maximum speed, it broke off and its famous driver, Joetwint, lost control of the car.

Luckily all the car just went sideways and into a field on the side of the strip. The man behind the wheel was also alright, even cracking a few jokes about how he mowed the weeds. Watch the incredible video below.

Source: Autoblog

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