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The Frankfurt Motor Show saw some pretty interesting statements from the CEOs of large automakers, from Ferrari’s Felisa saying the future hybrid will have a V12 engine to the most recent words from Porsche’s new president and CEO, Michael Macht, which said that his company is in fact working hard on electric-powered vehicles and the technology to sustain them.

He expressed his confidence that in the future, an electric sports car in the Porsche lineup will be making an appearance. But this doesn’t mean that fans need to make a down payment soon, as the battery technology isn’t “sufficient to meet Porsche’s strict requirements,” but that “our engineers are already working hard on this challenge.”

“An electric sports car would therefore only make sense for Porsche if it offers performance and a cruising range similar to that of current sports cars in the market,” he revealed. “We are therefore taking the first step in this direction with a full hybrid in the Cayenne, the Panamera and maybe in the not too distant future also in a racing car or a production 911.

Why not?”

Macht also took the chance to say that Ferdinand Porsche, the founder of the company, built the first hybrid 109 years ago, beating other inventors to the punch. Hopefully his legacy will remain and the German company will lead the pack in terms of performance electric and hybrid cars.

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Source: Jalopnik

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