Porsche Cayenne gets ‘body-whale’ treatment from Russian tuning studio | Rpmgo.com

I’m not sure what were the dudes from Status Design thinking when they’ve decided to name this kit for the Porsche Cayenne, “body-whale”, but it doesn’t sound too good to me. I mean, the first things that cross my mind when I hear the word “whale” are “big”, “fat” and “slow”, neither one looking good when associated with a vehicle. Anyway, back to our package, this was recently presented by Status Design, a tuning studio based in Moscow, Russia and it consists of an ultra-aggressive body kit made of high-quality plastics and carbon. No word about any performance or interior upgrades, which makes us think this was done only as an exercise after a few bottles of vodka. So, what do you think? How would you feel if you’d see this appearing suddenly in your side mirror?

[Source: Carmods.ru] (It’s in Russian)

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