Porsche sales down 45 percent in August | Rpmgo.com

Porsche has announced that in August they’ve only sold 1,516 vehicles in their largest market, the US and Canada, which means a 45 percent drop in sales. Even though Porsche said that the weak sales were caused by the model changeover of the 911 series cars and sales drops happen when carmakers make the model changeovers, 45 percent is quite a big drop. The main reason is the decreasing demand for fuel “thristy” sports cars all over the US, .The face-lifted 911 model with a new, more fuel-efficient engine will be released in the US this month and that was one of Porsche’s main concerns regarding the facelifted 911, which has now more fuel efficient engines. A big drop was registered by the Boxster model, entry-level buyers’ choice, who sold 66 percent units.

United States and Canada is not the only market where Porsche’s sales went down. The other two important markets, the UK and Germany also registered less vehicles sold (25 percent in the UK and 18 percent in Germany). Porsche also attributes the drop to the changeover of the 911.

Source: Financial Times

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