Porsche to share platforms between other Volkswagen companies, Panamera to be first electric model | Rpmgo.com

As an integral effort of getting along with Volkswagen, Porsche has announced that it will share platforms from various models with other companies from inside the group. Michael Macht, the new boss of the company, has also revealed that the first electric vehicle, when the technology will allow it, will be the Panamera.

Macht revealed that: “Porsche needs to become a strong pillar of VW, as well as having its own production and research and development capabilities. It is important to use synergies as well as having independence. The Panamera platform could be used by other brands for models that are in development and at the concept stage.”

While we can expect models like the new Cayenne to share a platform with VW or Audi, Macht reveals that the case is still on the board for the iconic 911, meaning that any VW-badged rear-wheel 911 or Boxster variant won’t appear anytime soon.

Either way, it should be interesting to see what results will the collaboration between Porsche and the VW group generate. Do you think it will be for the best or should Porsche keep its exclusive nature and not share its “toys” with others? Leave a comment below.

Source: Autocar

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