Potential Fire Risk: NHTSA Investigates Brake Control Units in Nissan, Infiniti and Hyundai Vehicles

  • The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is sniffing into a potential fire risk connected to anti-lock brake control units manufactured by the company Mando – a Korean auto parts maker.
  • This investigation was triggered by reports of 14 vehicle fires happening in three models- the Nissan Rogue, Infiniti EX35, and Hyundai Santa Fe. Bad luck, those cars.
  • These fires are suspected to be caused by an electrical short circuit in the brake control units. Quite literally, they’re getting too hot to handle.
  • The affected cars, which number around 392,457, could face a recall if the investigation validates the suspected flaw.
  • Mando says they’re cooperating fully with the investigation. Well, they’d better be.
  • So far, no injuries or deaths have been reported in relation to these incidents. Thank the car gods for small mercies.

Okay, so let me break it down for you: some cars could be doubling as flamethrowers, and not in a cool, spy-movie way. More like a “burst into flames in your driveway” kind of way. The suspects are Nissan Rogues, Infiniti EX35s, and Hyundai Santa Fe’s—if I were you, I’d stay clear of Sunday drives in any of these until Uncle Sam’s crew at NHTSA works out whether the problem comes from those Korean anti-lock brake control units.

And seriously, whoever thought we’d see the day when the biggest risks from a vehicle wasn’t bad drivers, but potentially explosive auto-parts? Mando: it’s a car, not a barbeque, okay? Anyway, all jokes aside, do stay safe, everyone. And remember: if the brakes start to smoke… it’s not trying to tell you it loves you.


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