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Even if it was leaked a few hours ago, the 2011 Citroen DS4 has now been officially revealed by the French company, ahead of its debut later this year at the Paris Motor Show. As we revealed earlier today, the DS4 is a five-door crossover, but with a coupe design, as the rear door handles are hidden in the C pillar. It borrows styling cues from the… …read the full post

Renault has finally decided to reveal to the world its newest flagship model, the Latitude. The new limousine will take the place left open by the Vel Satis, which hasn’t been manufactured since last year. It is based on the Samsung SM5 model that is produced by Renault and its subsidiary in South Korea. The Latitude (which was rumored to bear… …read the full post

Even though it dropped out of the media spotlight after being rescued in the nick of time by Spyker from GM, Swedish carmaker Saab is still going ahead full steam with its revival plans. A big part of the Saab renaissance will be a completely new 92 successor, a compact hatch designed to take on other premium city car rivals like the Mini or the newly… …read the full post

At the beginning of the month, Japanese carmaker Lexus revealed the CT 200h hybrid hatchback model. The car was specifically aimed at the European premium hatchback market, and through it, Lexus wants to establish a bigger presence in the old continent. But the CT 200h won’t be just for Europe, as Lexus has confirmed that it will be released… …read the full post

Brabus will present a high-performance tunning program for the new Mercedes C-Class at this week’s Frankfurt Motor Show. And if you think it’s name, Bullit, is just for marketing, well, you can’t be more wrong and here are it’s tech specs, to convince you that it really is almost as fast as a bullet. The 6.3L V12 engine was… …read the full post

With 99,755 units sold in August, BMW managed to become the best selling premium carmaker in this month. There were only 85,003 BMWs sold (an 11.1% growth) and the rest of 14,752 were Mini models. Mercedes-Benz was really close behind, with 96,200 units sold (including Smarts) and Audi was way behind, with only 66,400 units sold. BMW’s success… …read the full post