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Are you on the fence about buying one of the new Porsche 911 models? Well luckily for your and unfortunately for your wallet/bank account, Porsche’s executive VP in charge of research and development, Wolfgang Durheimer has just revealed a video tour of all of the new additions to the new model.

From the bodykit to the new engine parts, Durheimer doesn’t miss anything in the new model, in which he really implemented the best and brightest ideas from the German manufacturer. Enjoy the video below.

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There are certainly many companies making cars these days, but one of the most prestigious ones is Mercedes-Benz, establishing benchmarks for both quality and performance for quite some time. That is why the company has devoted an entire museum to its history, present and future, in all domains.

As you might know, Vlad and Bobby recently took a tour of the three most prestigious German automakers’ museums, and will post some in-depth articles at a later time, but now Mercedes-Benz has just released a video presentation, tour if you will, of the halls of the museum. Enjoy the video below.

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If there’s one other thing Maserati is good at, except creating beautiful cars, is releasing some really cool videos. After this video of the GranTurismo, which is one of our favorites, here’s another one, this time for the GranTurismo S. Make sure you check it out. Enjoy!


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A couple of days ago we told you about the new 2009 Dodge Ram, presented at Detroit, but what we didn’t do is show you how it was unveiled. And the Ram stands out of the herd…literally. Enjoy!


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This is the latest promo video for the upcoming 2008 Porsche 911 GT2, found on YouTube and upped by the guys at Carscoop. The video shows that the car can be used both for aggressive driving (the RS Spyder is also in the video) and for day-to-day use. Pretty nice. Check it out!


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Volkswagen has made this nice video, called “The Volkswagen Tiguan Story” in which they present all the things that contributed to the development of this crossover, plus its evolution. Enjoy!


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We’ve all seen the new Mazda 6 at Frankfurt and we all love it. Sales will start in Europe in mid October but before that, enjoy the video!


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It seems Audi is on a video launching spree. After we had “The Chase” video and another promo video, here comes an insight of the new Audi A4. Enjoy the video! Oh, and more thing, for some reason the video doesn’t have sound, but still, worths a look.

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Here’s this fine Jaguar XF presentation video I found, featuring Jaguar latest car, plus some words from Jaguar’s head of Design Department, Ian Callum and Mike Cross, Chief Engineer. Enjoy!


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We presented earlier the official announcement of the 2008 Audi A4. Here are some more goodies, including some great official photos plus an awesome video presentation.

Click the ‘Read More’ link to see more official photos.

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Ever since Aston Martin made the DBS official, I can’t get enough of every new thing that comes out and is about this magnificent car. Here’s a presentation video that rocks!


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