Prodrive reveals WRC Group N-spec Subaru Impreza N2010 |

Subaru is no longer racing in the WRC (World Rally Championship), but that doesn’t mean that the company with which it participated, Prodrive, has abandoned the Impreza model. Quite the opposite, as the team launched a new edition of the rally car, in compliance with the Group N specifications of the WRC.

The new car, codenamed N2010, features the same 2.0-liter turbocharged boxer four-cylinder unit, but with competition-spec fuel injectors, catalyst and ECU, meaning an extra 20 HP were squeezed out of it and the torque band is even greater.

Other features included by Prodrive are adjustable Ohlins suspension, differentials mounted in the front, center and rear, an AP Racing braking system and a FIA-spec roll cage. The price for all this rally goodness? Just £120,000 (around $195,000), but you will be able to lease one if your rally needs aren’t that serious yet.

Source: Prodrive