Production Toyota FT-86 to have increased price, targets older audience |

It’s been a while since we heard something about the stunning Toyota FT-86 rear-wheel drive coupe concept, but now some new rumors were picked up by the guys at Autocar.

It seems that unforeseen development costs and the fact that further research needs to be made, so that the Subaru boxer engine will become more fuel efficient and ‘green’, will jack up the price of the production-ready FT-86.

As such, when the car will arrive later 2011, the base price might be around $23,000 while a range-topping edition will go as high as $26,000 or more. This, plus the fact that new market research studies are claiming the original target audience of people in their 30s aren’t that interested, will no doubt force Toyota to market the car to those in their 40s.

Now I don’t know about you, but such a recipe just screams mid-life crisis car. As you know, the Toyota FT-86 was meant to continue the legacy of the Supra or the Celica, and offer a cheap, rear-wheel drive coupe for the masses. Now, the concept might be forced to take on a whole new role.

Source: Autocar

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