Project Kahn receives 80 units order for the Cosworth Sport 300 –

Remember Project Kahn’s Cosworth 300 tuning program for the Range Rover Sport? It’s the first package released since British tuner Project Kahn and Cosworth started their partnership, back in April. And you might say that in the current economic times, a tuning program for an SUV won’t be that successful. However, you forget that there’s a place in this world where money’s not an issue at all, the Middle East. The Saudi Royal Family has just placed an order for 80 vehicles, which, considering that a fully customized one (we can’t imagine Saudi royalty ordering anything else) costs £122,226 (around $200,000), that’s quite a jump start for Afzal Kahn’s project. A spokesman for the Saudi Royal family said that the 80 vehicles were bought for “members of the family because Cosworth is back on the streets and we wanted the cars before anybody else.”

Source: WorldCarFans

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