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Hybrid or electric vehicles are becoming more and more frequent on the road these days. With it, the seemingly age-old question of whether or not these cars are too quiet has once again emerged.

It seems that a coalition of carmakers and groups representing the blind have proposed a new bill to the US congress that would force future hybrid or EV models to make a specific noise, in order to alert pedestrians and the visually challenged.

The bill, if it will be voted, will require the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to draft a set of regulations in one and a half years, and to enforce them in at most three years. As you can imagine, feedback from both the actual carmakers and the ordinary people will be taken into consideration.

Such a regulation is also being talked about in Japan, where EVs and quiet hybrids are even more popular. Some manufacturers have said that they will offer exterior speakers on their silent models and we’ve even seen the Chevrolet Volt’s ‘chirping’ system in action.

Source: The Detroit News via Autoblog

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