Radical SR1 Priced At 29,950 Pounds + VAT

Designed exclusively for club racers and track day drivers, the Radical SR1 is an entry-level version which will set you back 29,950 pounds plus VAT. This new model was developed by the same team behind the Radical SR-9 LMP2 racecar.

This is a two-seat vehicle which is powered by a 4-cylinder RPE-Suzuki engine that pumps out 210 hp, an engine which has been used before in other Radical models. The horsepower is sent to the wheels in the back via a 6-speed sequential transmission. As standard, the car comes with 240mm ventilated discs, four-pot calipers and a Quaife ATB differential.

The SR1’s deformable crash structure and the safety cell conform to FIA’s standards, while the vehicle comes with an integral fire extinguisher and race-spec harness. Radical offers for the SR1 road, wet and slick tires provided by Dunlop.

Source: Radical via Autocar.co.uk

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