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Who thinks that the Portuguese are not capable of creating high-performance cars for races? Well you should look at Luso LM 23, a concept car with a central engine, created by Luso Motors. The concept was designed by Ernesto Freitas, known for his digital art works made for Ferrari Dino and Avions Voisin. The LM 23 is inspired by the Lotus 23B and… …read the full post

Mazda announced that on 26 August, at MIAS (Moscow International Auto Show), they’ll unveil their latest crossover, the Mazda Kazamai (Japanese for ‘swirling crosswinds’). he model is based on the new Zoom-Zoom technology which balances three key factors: a sporty driving style, an ecological engine and safety and was inspired by other concepts… …read the full post

The new hybrid air-mobiles, will be fully automates so all the users would be just passengers. I am not talking now about flying saucers, I am talking about flying cars. A company from U.S. will start the series production for the firs flying car, which can fly up to a high of three meters from the ground so you don’t need a pilot certificate) and… …read the full post

Policemen all over Europe drive the hottest cars. Why I am saying that… just look at the following examples. The German cops a driving the fastest legal sedan a 700 bph, twin turbo V12 Brabus CLS Rocket. It can reach 200 kilometers per hour in just 10.5 seconds. Now this is a real police car! Their neighbors, from Austria, are driving a 150.000 euro… …read the full post

Kia sales grew progressively in the last years and that created a more attractive perspective about the Korean cars. After showing the Soul concept in different shapes and colors, Kia announced that this is the final version. Also they have offered some information about the engine range. The new model, Soul, will be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show,… …read the full post

The Italian Design Institute I.DE.A celebrates 30 years since it was established by Franco Mantegazza as a family run company and, with this occasion, they built a concept car in only 30 days. The ERA concept car, a roadster without doors inspired by the cars from the ‘40s, is only a design concept, but it can be equipped with a 4 cylinder FWD engine… …read the full post

The British car maker Lightning Car announced, last year its plans to design an electric super car. Now, in the second half of the month, they will present, at British Motor Show, the new Lightning Car. Even tough there are just a few days until then, Lightning Car didn’t announced the price of the new super car. Probably Lightning GT will have a… …read the full post

In the late 1940s the U.S. Air Force needed to study the safety of aircraft ejection seats. Before developing a safe way of doing this, they used real people. Colonel John Paul Stapp, an Air Force doctor, was among the first “human test dummies”. He was propelled with rockets down a 2,000-foot railroad track and then brake instantly (during this… …read the full post

Recently Chevrolet announced that the Corvette ZR1 is in production and it will be available in 2009 for the US and Europe market (only 50 cars will be offered for sale in Europe). The “fastest and most expensive car” (as Chevrolet said) was build just like the regular Corvettes and the Z06 in Bowling Green plant – Kentucky. ZR1 will have retail… …read the full post