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Range Rover Evoque Bicycle

Yet another bicycle from an automaker was revealed this week, this time it is the Range Rover Evoque Bicycle. It was created by Land Rover’s design team in collaboration with their boss, Gerry McGovern. The bicycle is made on a Karbona carbon fiber monocoque frame and Range Rover said that it is both light and aerodynamic.

The automaker said that Karbona, who was in charge of the bicycle’s frame, used techniques derived from the world of Formula 1. This bicycle comes with a seat tube section integrated in the frame in order to lower the weight, color-matched steering components and a 20-gear Shimano Ultegra transmission system, just like the M Carbon Racer.

Range Rover Evoque Bicycle

It has a carbon fiber steering fork, steering bearings that were integrated into the head of the frame, and braking systems and drive train that have a black chrome finish. Carbon fiber was also used for the wheels.

Land Rover did not say what price tag this bicycle is going to have, or when it will be available.

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