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Ford decided to end the Ford GT production, with a very limited Ford Roush 600 RE edition, of which only ten units were built. And now we have only nine of them (which certainly value more, now), because here are photos of what happened to the tenth one. Apparently belonging to a British dude, the 612 hp car had only 512 miles (that’s 819 km) recorded and we don’t know exactly whaat happened, what we do know is that the car finally ended up in the scrapyard.

The owner put up the car for sale on eBay, but due to British regulations he can’t sell the chassis, but anything he can remove he can sell. And, besides the car itself, someone else ended up pretty bad and that’s the insurance company, which had to pay the guy £145,000 (the GT was only 3 days old when crashed).

View more photos after the jump and you can also see how the car was suppose to look like, here.

Full Gallery: Rare Ford GT Roush 600 RE Crashed

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