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Recalls are almost a normal part of the car manufacturing industry, as even the best markers can’t see potential problems when their new models go off the assembly line and straight to dealerships. That is why recalls for cars with severe problems are something mandatory in countries like the United States or Japan.

Now though, it seems that they will also be mandatory in Europe, as a new directive passed by the European Union will force all automakers to recall their models which have encountered severe safety issues or can affect public health, road safety or the environment. These measures will be made once a special committee will asses the case and find out if the car maker is to blame for that fault.

The aforementioned directive, 2007-46-EC from the first of May 2009, will unify all of the laws from the member states of the European Union and govern the car makers from each country. When the faults are fixed, the same committee will test some of the cars and make sure that the problem, or any other potential ones won’t appear and that they are once again safe to be on the roads.

All in all, it’s great that the EU has finally decided to pass such a directive. Recalls are for the greater good and can save plenty of things, depending on the problems for which the car needs to come back to the factory.

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