Red Bull F1 cars are “ridiculously fast”, Lewis Hamilton admits |

In preparation for this weekend’s Australian Formula 1 GP, McLaren driver and former champion Lewis Hamilton talked about the main rivals his team has. But while many expected to hear about Ferrari or the new Mercedes GP team, Hamilton gave props to the Red Bull team, calling its cars “ridiculously faster than anyone else.”

“Even at the end of the year they had so much more than us, even though we had won a couple of grands prix. They have got the fastest car by quite a big step. They should be quite a lot further ahead in general.”

He continued, saying that the Red Bull F1 cars have garnered the team an “insane” advantage over the rest of the competition. As you may remember, during the Bahrain GP, the opening round of the 2010 F1 season, Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel dominated the race almost until the end, when a mechanical problem caused him to be overtaken by Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa, as well as Hamilton.

In terms of other competition, Hamilton said that the true battle is between McLaren and Mercedes GP. “We are kind of on the same level as Mercedes I would say,” Hamilton said. “We just did maybe a better job at the weekend but it’s a battle between us and Mercedes to see who can step up and improve faster and do a better job.”

The Australian GP is coming up this weekend, and hopefully it will provide us with a bigger spectacle than the last Bahrain race.

Source: Autocar
Photo Source: ChrisMRichards’ Flickr

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