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Renault is one successful carmaker, and it owes much of its volume sales to the humble Clio, which managed in just 20 years to sell over 10 million vehicles, a feat that not any car can brag about.

In honor of its small yet popular car, the French company has announced that it will be launching special 20th Anniversary editions all over Europe, with France being the first territory to receive these limited editions of the three and five-door models, as well the top of the range RS one.

The normal Clio and Clio Estate will have special colors prepared for them, including metallic Cassiopee Grey, Dyna Red, Grey Blue, Pearlescent Black, and Platine Gre, as well as non-metallic Glacier White. The RS model, on the other hand, will only arrive in Pearlescent Givre (white) with a black roof. All Clio cars will also be adorned with 20th anniversary badges, as well as glossy black front bumpers and side mirrors.

For the inside, contrast stitching will be added to the dash, cloth upholstery and floor mats, and the air vents contour will be decorated with anthracite gray on the normal editions and chrome in the RS.

Other stock features will depend on your local market, but at least in France prices will start from €14,350 ($19,600) for the regular edition and from €24,700 ($33,700) for the RS. Check out the photo gallery of the Renault Clio 20th Anniversary special edition below.

Photo Gallery: Renault Clio 20th Anniversary

Source: Renault

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