Renault interested in buying Jeep? |

There’s a lot of rumors going around lately, regarding the three Detroit giants, and especially Chrysler and GM. It seems that Cerbers Capital Management, Chrysler’s owner, is looking to sell Chrysler, or at least some parts of the business. We’ve already written about a possible deal with GM and recent rumors say that Renault is also interested in buying some parts of Chrysler.

Even though GM and Chrysler started talking about a possible merger, it looks like GM is only interested in Chrysler’s top-selling minivan line and its truck-production facilities in Mexico. Like we said, Renault’s name also showed up, Reuters reporting that the French carmaker’s interest ranges from an alliance to an acquisition of Jeep, considered to be Chrysler’s most valuable brand. Renault owned Jeep until 1987, when they sold it to Chrysler, along with American Motors.

Neither GM, Chrysler or Renault confirmed but still, though this is only speculation, it’s very interesting to see what will happen with these giants, hit very hard by the recent depression.

Source: Reuters

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