Renault revives Gordini brand, set to launch hot hatches Twingo, Clio and Megane under it |

While the news that Peugeot has retired the GTI performance badge from its hatchback lineup has certainly made a lot of fans sad, its local French rival, Renault, has made a pledge to stay true to its racing heritage and announced that it will revive the iconic Gordini brand.

For those of you not familiar with Renault’s history (you should check out the video after the jump), one of its most famous racing engineers was Amédée Gordini, which prepared famous models like the R8 Gordini for rallying and various other motorsports. Now, this brand will be revived and used for the hatchback lineup from the French company, with models like the Twingo, Clio and Megane set to use it in the near future.

The Gordini models will be even more exclusive than the RenaultSport (RS) ones, although no big mechanical upgrades will be made. The only deciding factor will be various retro styling touches, primarily the racing blue with white stripes paint scheme.

The first model to bear the Gordini badge will be the Twingo Gordini RS model, which is teased in the picture at the beginning of the article, and set to be unveiled Renault’s store on the Champs Elysees in Paris on November 25. Other models that will join the Twingo will be the Clio and Megane, sometimes next year.

Are you excited about this revival? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and hit the jump to see a video presentation of the Gordini history of Renault models.

Gordini is back!
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