Renault Starts Making Its Own Tires

We all know that most of the car manufacturers outsource a wide variety of components to OEM suppliers. The parts range from a small screw to the entire car itself in some cases, contracting the entire assembly process to outside bidders. While some car producers make more or less of their parts in-house, one of these components has always been outsourced – we are talking here about tires.

Every rule must have an exception and it seems that Renault will be the exception in this case. The French automaker will start making its own tires but surprisingly, the rubbers will not be installed on new cars as they are marketed to existing Renault owners as replacement tires.

Dubbed the Motrio line, these tires were designed to maintain minimal road noise and optimal performance while keeping the manufacturing costs down to a minimum. I for one don’t think that Renault is actually making these tires; most likely these rubbers will be made by one of the existing tire companies to Renault’s specifications and under their license.

Of course, the French manufacturer is still advertising this decision as an industry first and we have to believe the. I am curios to find out if this decision will implemented at Renault’s sister company Nissan.