Renault Wind presents itself, the convertible Twingo you've been waiting for |

Last week Renault’s convertible edition of the Twingo city car was spoiled by a scale model, which betrayed the overall lines of the new car, that we believed would be badged as the Twingo CC, just like its bigger brother, the Megane CC, which was set to join it at the Geneva Motor Show.

But it seems Renault wants to depart from that nomenclature, and revealed the Wind today. No, not the meteorological phenomenon but the new convertible Twingo-like model, which according to the French carmaker, will be a hit with young people who want to feel the wind (pun not intended) in their hair.

Many details weren’t given, but Renault was quick to boast the innovative pivot folding hard top, which not only can be activated in 12 seconds, but also doesn’t impact the size of the boot, which is constant at a respectable 270 liters.

Until we will see the Renault Wind at the Geneva Motor Show this March, you can check out the photo gallery below.

Photo Gallery: Renault Wind

Source: Renault

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