Report: Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Concept

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Concept

Earlier this year at the Paris Auto Show, everybody was waiting to see the replacement of the Murcielago but the Italian only teased us with this stunning Sesto Elemento Concept. The successor of the fastest production model from Lamborghini will be announced next year in March at the 2011 Geneva Auto Show.

If we take a closer look at this concept we will notice that it has a compact design although it has a mid-engine layout with a very short rear overhang. We are all accustomed to the wedgy shapes of the Lamborghini models but this one is even more spectacular than the Reventon – which was the ultra low-volume spinoff of the Murcielago a few years ago. The Sesto Elemento Concept shocked the crowed with its plethora of air vents, triangular elements and spoilers that protrude from or perforate its body. The concept was designed with a racing-type quick-refueling system and the rear end of the car is wide open in order to allow curious visitors to have a closer look at the exhaust system which is installed through the engine cover above the taillights.

The roof and the front end of the car are marked by sharp folded creases and the back part of the roof has two intake ducts as well as two parallel lines of five holes that are located above the cylinder banks. Below that we find the powerful V-10 power unit. These hexagonal shapes of various elements of the car were inspired by Bertone’s ex-designer, Marcello Gandini – the one who created the beautiful Miura in the 70s and the stunning Countach back in the 80s.

Although the shape of the car is quite familiar to the most of us, the design of the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento is somewhat different in comparison to previous models manufactured by the Italian automobile maker. These wild and bold designs of the car relate more to a video game of some sort or to a very courageous tuning program. In fact, there were a few discussions at Audi about whether to show the car or not at the Paris Auto Show, taking into consideration that the Sesto Elemento Concept is different than previous Lamborghini models. We are happy that the bosses at Audi showed as this stunning car.

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Concept

We haven’t mentioned the fact that the entire body of this concept is made out of matte-finish carbon fiber – a very expensive and light material that allows the car to have a curb weight of only 2200 pounds. Combining this figure with the V10 engine capable of outputting 570 hp at 8,000 rpm and a torque of 398 lb-ft at 6,500 rpm – the performance of the car should be jaw dropping. Officials at Lamborghini have stated that the Sesto Elemento Concept needs only 2.5 seconds in order to reach 62 mph. Top speed of the car should be approximately 200 mph.

The uberlight carbon fiber was used not only on the exterior panels of the car, but also for the crumple zones, wheels, front subframe and for the passenger-holding monocoque. Aluminum was used for the rear subframe in contrast with the rest. The powerful V10 engine is linked to an E-gear 6-speed automated manual gearbox and the power is transmitted through Lamborghini’s proprietary all wheel drive system.

It seems that although it was presented as a concept, the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento might go into a very limited production of 10 units, 5 of them being already preordered after the unveiling of the car at Paris back in September. The rumored price for this stunning car is about $3.4 million. If it will go into production, we will be able to see it next year and do a full review of this outstanding car that has an incredible weight of only 999 kg.

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