Revamped Aerodynamics: A Lowered Ferrari with Larger Wheels by KW Suspensions

  • The ‘Italian stallion’, commonly associated with exquisite Ferrari cars, has undergone a notable change facilitated by KW Suspensions.
  • The car has been substantially lowered, improving its aerodynamic profile and presumably making speed humps a near-death experience.
  • Along with the modified suspension, the car now sports a swanky new set of larger-diameter wheels.

So, what’s the hot take on this slick slice of Italian bread smeared with tuned-up automobile butter? Well, my dear vehicular gourmands, the message here seems clear: Size does matter… at least when we’re talking about car wheels and suspension.

The Ferrari, now lower than my willingness to exercise during a Netflix binge, is practically kissing the pavement. An arrangement that seems perfect until you encounter the Everest that is your average speed bump. But, as long as we’re not tasked with the responsibility of daily drives over a landscape of speed bumps, who wouldn’t appreciate the sultry appeal of a lowered Ferrari?

As for the larger-diameter wheels, let’s just consider them the cherry atop this high-performance Italian sundae. KW Suspensions, I must say, you’ve done more inside outs on this Ferrari than my high school algebra class did on my grey cells. Bravo!


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