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We always thought that Lamborghini is not able to amaze us anymore. Well, don’t be so sure. Please pay attention to the following presentation.

Lamborghini Reventon participated to a short lined race with a Jet-Fighter Italian Panavia Tornado on a distance of 3 kilometers. Until 100 km/h Reventon Lamborghini was faster with the 3.4 seconds necessary to get 100 km/h. After that the airplane was taken control faster Lamborghini Reventon being limited at only 340 km/h.

Only this super Lambo is technically based on Murcielago LP640, the design modifications are very big and create the impression that we deal with a hunting airplane on four wheels. The extremely aggressive style of the Reventon Lamborghini is due to the various details angular aerodynamics, inspired by the aeronautic world and also the Formula 1 world.

The excessive usage of the carbon fiber for shield panels and also for break ceramic disks leads to a very low weight of this exclusivist predator capable of a starting up to 100 km/h in only 3.4 seconds. The LP640 engine was increased in power with only 10 HP getting to 650 HP, but this is not impede the Reventon Lamborghini to achieve a maximum speed of 340 km/h. Anyway, I consider that Veyron remains the best in this domain.

In the cockpit of this model you will not find board clocks but only electronic exhibitions specific the hunting airplanes. Among those we can find G-meter (this is a premiere for a super sport automobile). Also the interior of this car is trimmed with Alcantara leather and insertions of aluminum and carbon, but also with a big inscription on the diver door with the model name: Reventon.

This name you will be able to see on the roads very rare or maybe never because Lamborghini Reventon will be one of the collection models that are being kept in the garage more than on the circuit.

Reventon Lamborghini

Lamborghini Reventon has a price of 1,349,000 euro and was made only 21 cars of this model, first of them being kept in Lamborghini museum. Do you wonder where from comes the name Reventon? To keep up with the Lamborghini tradition, this name was also been inspired by the Spanish bull fighting and in Spanish Reventon has the meaning of burst or explosion. This was the name of a famous bull raised by the family of Don Heriberto Rodriguez, famous for killing the Mexican bullfighter Felix Guzman in year 1943.

Finally, who had the opportunity of driving a Reventon Lamborghini I am sure that he wondered firstly if he is driving a car or an airplane. The difference between them is that Lamborghini Reventon can’t fly from the ground and unfortunately it has speed limit. But in rest, there are no differences between them.

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