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Before our website went on vacation for a bit, spy shots of a rumored Lancia Stratos prototype were making the rounds on the web and caused a lot of speculation. Now, the project has been officially detailed and even has its own website called, what else, the New Lancia Stratos. As was rumored, the project is currently a one-off model, built by Pininfarina… …read the full post

Almost all Italian car fans, as well as rally enthusiasts, fondly remember the iconic Lancia Stratos sportscar, which broke records and won hearts in the hectic 1970s. Sadly, it was discontinued, and models are now worth quite a lot of money. Enthusiasts were treated to a huge surprise with the Fenomen Stratos concept, which was revealed back in 2005…. …read the full post

It seems that more and more automakers are keen on reviving long forgotten models that still have a loyal fan base. After the rumors about a new Mazda RX-7 or the spiritual successor to the Celica, the Toyota FT-86, and seeing actual revivals like the Volkswagen Scirocco, Nissan is speculated to follow this trend. According to the blokes from Autocar,… …read the full post