RevvNation open beta officially unleashed –

The family just got bigger! The masterminds, Bobby Voicu and Vlad Balan, have created yet another offspring from their automotive passion: RevvNation is a car/race themed Massive Multiplayer Online Browser based Text Game. A mouthful, I know, but if you can say this without having to gasp for air, you’re awesome!

The game is backed by an enthusiastic and passionate team, who want to combine their passion for cars and games in the perfect entertaining game. Part time geeks, full time auto lovers and gamers, they’ve stuck their foreheads to their laptops in order to make the best racing social game ever! Because the next best thing to driving is playing a racing game.

So, how does it work? Basically, you sign up, pick out a job, start a club, make money (virtual, that is), buy yourself a nice car and race it off. Oh, and you can also invite your friends and see who has the best skills. Let’s not forget that you can buy all sorts of parts and tune your ride in order to get the best performance out of it. You can either go wild with your spending habits or you can opt for the planned approach, and save up, to buy bigger and better upgrades.

You can play RevvNation at work, during lunch or whenever you feel like it. No consoles, no fee, no nagging from your significant other (we’re open to guys, girls and anything in between, just no bots) Don’t expect 3D or spaceships, because you won’t find them here yet (they’re on the way, though). But do expect good, clean fun and a relaxing experience with your friends.

You can also find RevvNation all over the Internet, thanks to its ever increasing fan base. They have a blog, where you’ll find posts about the game (d’oh), about the coolest things in gaming so far, but also interesting stuff about the auto world. They have a Twitter account: @RevvNation and you can also find them on Facebook: RevvNation Facebook Fan Page

And remember: gaming will save the world!

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