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I hate being stuck in traffic and I don’t think there’s anyone out there who actually enjoys wasting his/her life away, just waiting for a stoplight to turn green. Because life is too short for traffic. So, if speed is what it takes to take us out of this misery, then so be it! There’s no reason too small or unimportant to crush your gas… …read the full post

You may have gotten so used to your car, that you’ve forgotten how to properly appreciate it. It’s just like in a relationship: at some point, you start taking things for granted and there’s no pleasure in that. Remember the first days you bought your car? You were thrilled and every drive was like a scene cut from an action movie…. …read the full post

Sometimes, the only right thing to do is drive. Driving is a simple pleasure that  can take away all the stress of a hard day. Driving is that moment of the day when you leave behind the noisy city, play your favorite track, lay back and enjoy the scenery. It’s not nearly as much fun being a pedestrian as being a driver and we all know that…. …read the full post

As the Rascal Flatts say, fast cars and freedom are every driver’s dream. It’s the perfect combination to make you feel alive. Nothing artificial, just the pure thrill of driving a great car! No care in the world but having to stop for gas. Simple things that make a man happy. You need a great T-shirt to go with that.Get ready for the… …read the full post