Rhys Millen's Pikes Peak racer rendered | Rpmgo.com

Few races in the USA can boast the same heritage as the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. The event saw its first race back in 1916 and is now one of the most important ones for a lot of drivers.

One of them is Rhys Millen, who was already rumored to debut a new race car for this year’s edition. Now, the first renders of Millen’s new ride are in, and we can say that they’re pretty bold. The model looks more like a Le Mans prototype racer than the usual modified rides we see in the Pikes Peak event, but we’re sure Millen is up to something.

The official name of the car is the Rhys Millen Racing Hyundai Genesis PM580, and is powered by a turbocharged 4.1-liter V6 that sens 750 HP to all four wheels. The car also has two aces up its sleeve, as not only its tubular steel chassis guarantees reduced weight, but the massive rear wing is fully adjustable, set to provide maximum downforce on the corners and less on the fast straights of the Pikes Peak course.

Overall, we’re mighty impressed, but until the start of the race, on June 27, we have a lot of waiting to do.

Source: Hyundai via Autoblog

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