Rich guy got so drunk he lost a Lamborghini |

For those who really love Lamborghini, this story won’t go down very well. It seems that a property tycoon from the UK, Glenn Knowles, went on a night of binge drinking with a Lamborghini he co-owned with a friend of his.

After his bar hopping experience, he revealed to the police that he actually lost his Lamborghini model, and couldn’t remember where he parked it. The police attempted to search for it, and even employed the tracking system the luxury sportscar was equipped with, but couldn’t find it.

Smelling something fishy, insurance investigators charged the two owners with attempting to commit fraud, but a jury found them innocent during the trial. It seems that because the guys were able to make monthly £500 payments for the vehicle, and because this wasn’t the first time Knowles forgot about a car, they were found not guilty. Before a similar night of drinking, Knowles parked a Mercedes-Benz so well, he needed to search for it for quite some time before it was found.

Frankly, we’re without words. We should definitely hope that Mr. Knowles will be kept away from any other supercars for quite some time, or at least employ a driver during his drinking escapades. So, as a quick reminder, if you’re going to be drinking a lot, best leave the Lambo in the garage, OK?

Source: The Telegraph

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