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When buying a car, a driver dreams to make it more beautiful and competitive. Sometimes cars has all inclusive on them, but if we choose to buy a cheaper car we have to be prepared to invest some more money to put some additional endowments.

The obsession of all drivers is the rims for cars. In present days, rims are very popular and there are so many models from where we can choose. There are 2 types of rims for cars: alloy rims and steel rims. The alloy rims are better than steel rims because there are more resistant to scratches and can last longer without any breakage and they look like new even after many years of usage. The components of the alloy rims are aluminum and chrome so this explain the resistance we talked about. The steel rims, beside the fact that are not that resistant, are also very ugly. Most of the people that use steel rims, put over them cover to make them look better.

Rims For Cars

There are several models of rims for cars, and their name is accordingly to the company that produces them. I will give you some examples: AEZ LeichtmettalRader (this producer has many models like Air Blade, Excite dark, Intenso, Lascar, Nemesis, Sotara, Quadro and so on), Dotz Tuning Wheels ( is one of the producers that makes rims especially for those who enjoy tuning their cars and has some models like Dakar, Freeride Peak, Hammada, Tupac and so on), Dezent (this is a German producer that made rims for the most eccentric drivers and we can mention the models like A, F, J, K, V and so on) and Enzo (this producers is mostly wanted for the most ostentatious drivers because its models are very elegant (and from this brand model we can identify 101 Dark, H, R, X).

Choosing the right rims for your car is also something very delicate. First rims are made for every car model, after we find the right brand for our car we have to choose for the right dimensions (diameter, length, internal hole). After all this is set, we can choose color (black, white, silver)and after all these are set there will be left for chosen only few models, so it will be easy to have one for our car.

Rims for cars not only give a very nice aspect to our wheels but also give to the driver comfort and self –trust. And some car specialists said that rims are representative for driver nature as humans. Elegant drivers will have on their car elegant rims, eccentric drivers will equip their cars with eccentric rims. So, car is the mirror of human nature if we read after the rims of the cars of every driver.

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