Rolls Royce Phantom ‘Peony’ limited edition |

The UAE is definitely the best market for luxury products, there’s no doubt about that. And cars are no exception. So Rolls Royce decided to create a limited edition especially for its loyal and wealthy arab customers. Dubbed “Peony”, the car’s name comes from a the ‘Peony’ flower design, which is an ancient oriental motif that represents royalty, wealth and distinction. The limited edition features a two-tone exterior of Pearl Blue with a contrasting Moonstone Pearl Blue and Seashell interior. The flower motif, in traditional blue and yellow, is used throughout the vehicle, including an exterior logo along with interior wood trim inlay and oriental art door capping. Besides customised tread plates, customers will also receive a special HIND perfume.

Though the car’s mechanics remain the same (6.75 liter V12 engine with 453 hp (338kW) and 530lb-ft (720Nm) of torque), the ‘Peony’ limited edition is a part of Rolls Royce’s ‘Bespoke Program’, a special exclusive program where customers are able to fully customise the car (paints, materials, mechanics). The car’s pricing? Who knows, who cares?

Source: MotorAuthority

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