Rolls Royce sales up 146% due to Ghost popularity |

The economic recession took a pretty hefty toll on luxury carmakers, which saw sales figures drop.

This forced a lot of companies to release more entry-level models, in order to attract those who don’t want to spend an obscene amount of cash on a new car. The Rolls Royce Ghost is one such example, as with its $250,000 starting price, offered a much more reasonable alternative to the larger Phantom.

Many scoffed at the new baby Rolls, saying that its niche just isn’t big enough. Luckily for the carmaker, they were very wrong.

New sales figures show that during the first five months of 2010, Rolls Royce moved over 678 models. While that doesn’t sound too impressive, it’s a whopping growth of 146% over the same time period a year ago.

No concrete numbers were released per model, but you can clearly guess that the lower priced Ghost is mostly responsible for the increase.

If you still can’t afford a Ghost though, perhaps you’re better off configuring one on the special iPhone app.

Source: Financial Times via Autoblog

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