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Hello and welcome to the first edition of “RPMGO answers”, which is a new feature in which we take commonly asked car-related questions and, as you might have guessed, try to find an answer for them, or at least the next best thing.

The first question is something which has crossed the minds of many car buyers, and, depending on their native country, will find various answers: Which is better, a manual (stick shift) transmission or an automatic one.

Read on to find our answer and various things you need to keep in mind when considering them.

First off, we need to take into account where you will be driving the next car. If you’ll be using it for trips in the city, with many traffic lights, jams and wasted minutes in stop and go lines, then an automatic might be the better choice, as it spares you from grinding away at the first and maybe second gear of the ‘box. An automatic might also be useful on long drives, but you should be weary of using it in overtakes, when acceleration is of the essence. You should also consider the fact that the automatic transmission needs more maintenance, and more regular service checkups than the manual one.

If you’ll be buying a car for all sorts of uses, but want to be in control at all times, then the manual is for you. Not only will be able to control the car, you’ll also be much better suited to quick overtakes, as you can just downshift and use the newfound power for your acceleration. But all of these things do come at a price, as you will get a bit tired of constantly shifting in busy traffic, and your left foot will be getting quite an exercise during those times.

Up until a few years ago, these were the classic elements, but with new types of automatic boxes, like Audi’s Tiptronic, or Volkswagen’s DSG, more and more attributes are arriving in the auto side, including faster response times, the possibility of sequential manual shifting, for times where you want to be in control, and with even newer ones, a better fuel economy than the manual ‘box

Frankly with technology rapidly evolving, it’s everyone’s choice. In the end it just depends on how comfortable you want to be, and just what type of driver your are. Purists will always chose manual over automatics, especially in Europe for example, but markets like North America or Japan might prefer automatic ones.

Feel free to share your views on this age-old debate below.

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