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Yesterday we revealed to you our suggestions for the best and worst stories of last week, and you faithfully voted for your favorites. The turnout wasn’t as expected, but it was enough for us to figure our the results. Perfect Shift The best story of the week was Porsche’s stunning 918 Spyder Concept, with its huge hybrid power of a combined… …read the full post

Hello and welcome to another edition of RPMGO Awards, our feature where we take a look at some of the best and worst news we heard in the last seven days. This week was filled with stories coming in from the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, where all of the big European carmakers got together to showcase new cars, present new concepts and attract the public…. …read the full post

Welcome to the second, yet most important part of our RPMGO Awards feature for the week spanning February 19 and 25. We’ve revealed to you the nominees for the best and worst stories yesterday, and you’ve voted for them. The turnout was pretty good, but it seems some kinks in our polling system didn’t allow some people to vote. Either… …read the full post