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Hello and welcome to the conclusion of our RPMGO Awards for the last week. The last seven days were pretty busy, although they pale in comparison with the Geneva Motor Show ones. We’ve had our share of good and bad news, so let’s see which ones were your favorites.

Perfect Shift

Porsche made the Perfect Shift this week, after revealing that the fabulous 918 Spyder Concept will be making its way into production, sooner rather than later. With 718 HP of hybrid power, we’re eagerly awaiting this “green” convertible.

Second spot was occupied by the gorgeous GQ by Citroen concept, which proves that the worth of the French company’s design studio. The aggressive edges and the elegant shape make this sportscar something we also want to see roll off the assembly line.

Over Rev

In the Over Rev category we have a tie, between the horrendous Sbarro Autobau concept, which was showcased in Geneva, and the fact that Mitsubishi is closing down its Ralliart division, due to the economic downturn.

The new cases of Toyota Prius unintended acceleration also gathered a couple of votes this week, proving that people aren’t big fans of the problems Toyota is going through.

That’s it for this week, but stay tuned for more news, announcements and events from the auto industry, here on RPMGO.

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