RPMGO Awards: Winners for week February 26 – March 4 | Rpmgo.com

Yesterday we revealed to you our suggestions for the best and worst stories of last week, and you faithfully voted for your favorites. The turnout wasn’t as expected, but it was enough for us to figure our the results.

Perfect Shift

The best story of the week was Porsche’s stunning 918 Spyder Concept, with its huge hybrid power of a combined 718 HP. The bold styling, eco-friendly nature and the possibility of a production car appearing in the future, got everyone excited.

What’s more surprising is that all of the other nominees didn’t even manage to gather a single vote, losing to the popularity of the hybrid Porsche.

Over Rev

The worst news of the week concerned Mini’s launch of the Countryman crossover at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. We expected something truly unique, but instead we got a breakdancer and a cowboy/country-like couple dancing on techno beats in front of the new car.

It’s safe to say the video scarred a lot of people, considering the other nominees didn’t receive any other votes.

As the Geneva Motor Show is wrapping up, with all the biggest news already accounted for, next week will bring other news than concepts or announcements. Keep checking back to see all of them.

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