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Are you on the fence about buying one of the new Porsche 911 models? Well luckily for your and unfortunately for your wallet/bank account, Porsche’s executive VP in charge of research and development, Wolfgang Durheimer has just revealed a video tour of all of the new additions to the new model.

From the bodykit to the new engine parts, Durheimer doesn’t miss anything in the new model, in which he really implemented the best and brightest ideas from the German manufacturer. Enjoy the video below.

Lexus has started a brand new teaser campaign which will maximize the attention its upcoming supercar, the LF-A, will get when it will be officially revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show at the end of the month. This campaign takes testimonials from the journalists and drivers who have been at the wheel of the car, and who are just throwing attributes at it.

In case you’re not from the Netherlands or aren’t very familiar with the automotive press from that country, then you should know that Thomas Bangma is a respected journalists and has driven many supercars for his job. He says that the Lexus LF-A is the best he has ever driven, so few can really question his sincerity.

But there are two very interesting aspects to this video. First of all, you’ll be able to hear the engine of the LF-A while it is doing a flying lap, with its rumored V10 engine blasting on all cylinders, and the fact that Lexus will do a limited run of the supercar, but sadly we don’t know the number, as it has been censored. Rumors peg it around 500 vehicles, but we must wait until the end of the month to find out. Enjoy the video below.

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We live in a world where studies are made left and right on almost every topic imaginable. That’s why a new one coming from Motors.co.uk asked drivers in the UK if they usually talk with their cars while driving.

The result was a massive 75% of all repliers revealed that they do in fact talk with their cars while being in it. From arguing with the voice from the satellite navigation to asking the vehicle what’s wrong when something doesn’t feel right, drivers really like to stay in touch with their precious car. Also, with plenty of high end vehicles offering voice activated controls, plenty of other drivers are talking these days.

Katie Armitage, marketing manager which worked on the survey revealed that the result isn’t very surprising, as driving alone and marketing efforts to convey personalities to cars lead people to talk with them.

“With many people spending several hours a day traveling to work, it’s not surprising that more people seem to be talking to their cars. Manufacturers spend millions on advertising trying to give their cars a personality, whether it’s fun and cheeky MINIs to safe, dependable Volvos – which could explain why people feel able to relate to their cars.”

Do you talk to your car? I do have to admit that sometimes I can also find myself doing this, especially on long drives. Leave your answer in the comment box below.

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Well this is certainly interesting, Japanese games developer and publisher Capcom is certainly pulling out all the stops in order to promote its upcoming Dark Void video game. The company is taking it as far as holding a contest for which the grand prizes are either a Tesla Roadster, costing about $109,000, or a jet pack.

All you need to do is to head on over to the website of the competition, and, from what I could tell, fill in a contact form. You do need to be a resident of the United States though. Besides the guy or gal who will be walking away with the car, Capcom will also be choosing five more contestants and taking them on an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2010 so that they can ride in a Tesla Roadster with the development team of Dark Void, a futuristic third person shooter set to be released at the beginning of 2010 on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Enjoy the hilarious video promoting this campaign below.

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While Europeans didn’t really embrace hybrids like North Americans or the Japanese, there is certainly a lot of effort made in order to create the infrastructure for ecological models to be released in the old continent. As such, Honda has just revealed that it is indeed planning to launch its FCX Clarity model which is powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

While no concrete release date was offered, as the infrastructure isn’t still up to par with the one in California or Japan, Honda executives did praise the Scandinavian countries like Sweden, Norway or Finland, for their efforts to create hydrogen fueling stations.

As you know, the Japanese model uses an electric engine which develops 136 HP and has a range of 460 km, with a top speed of 160 km/h. Among the new ecological cars, it has won many accolades, including from Top Gear’s James May, which tested it two season ago in California. Hopefully the old continent will start building more and more hydrogen fueling stations, pushed by the recently formed hydrogen alliance, and we will see the Clarity on our streets.

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Bentley is trying harder and harder these days to show that it can also do sports cars and grand tourers, not only big fat limousines for people who aren’t in a hurry to get somewhere. That is why it has unleashed the new Continental Supersports on the famous German track the Nurburgring.

But the company didn’t unleash it on its own, as former racing champion Derek Bell took the wheel of the new supercar and really showed the skills that made him famous years ago. Enjoy the video below.

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You know that Lamborghini Murcielago? Wasn’t that a bit too … common? How about that special edition of the Murcielago, the LP640? Still pretty common. Well if you truly want exclusivity, then JB Car Design really has something for you in the form of a very special tuning package for the Murcielago LP640.

Besides taking the car’s output to 750 HP, the Murcielago LP640 JB-R will also include many other accessories. First of all, the performance package can be offered in two flavors, one costing €28,000 and taking the engine to 710 HP, while the top one will take it to 750 HP. The latter will be able to push the supercar to 370 km/h (229 mph).

The outside has also been upgraded, with a new body kit consisting of revamped spoilers, a new rear diffuser, side skirts and front air vents. But up until now, things are still a bit too common. Well what do you think about your car being coated in a special Blood to Black Diamond paint, out of which only 911 liters were made, with a single one costing €280?

For all of this exclusivity, including personalized interior with black and red upholstery and carbon-fiber inserts, the Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 JB-R will start at approximately €500,000.

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Do you feel that? That’s the taste of irony. General Motors, one of the biggest car makers in the world, has officially announced, through the voice of its CEO, Fritz Henderson, that an American symbol of capitalism and over-indulgence, Hummer, will be sold to none other than Chinese corporation Sichuan Tengzhong, a leading company in the communist country.

The announcement was made at the end of last week, but we were sort of waiting for Henderson to pop out with a party hat and say it was all a joke. But it isn’t a joke, as Sichuan Tengzhong will purchase the american brand and all of its intellectual property through an investment entity in which it will hold 80% of the stock, with the other 20$ going to a private investor from Hong Kong, Soulang Duoji.

“Hummer is a strong global niche brand and this agreement signifies another important milestone in writing the next chapter for both GM and Hummer,” said Fritz Henderson, GM President and CEO in a statement. “For Hummer, the combination of its knowledgeable leadership team, vehicle design expertise and the capital financing of Tengzhong portend a successful future.”

It is rumored, but unconfirmed, that the whole deal cost the Chinese conglomerate about $150 million, and it covers both all of the license rights to manufacture the models in the Hummer range but also the right to keep on using the GM plants to make the models up until 2011.

“This transaction marks an exciting step for both Tengzhong and Hummer, as we invest in a business that has significant opportunity in the U.S. and around the globe,” said Yang Yi, chief executive officer of Tengzhong. “We are excited about some of the initiatives already underway at Hummer that we believe our investment will be able to accelerate, particularly related to the creation of the next generation of more fuel-efficient vehicles to meet not only future regulations but also customer expectations.”

Well, what do you think about this rather shocking turn of events for the American brand? Is this new Chinese ownership for the best of Hummer or will you just wait and see what plans the new bosses have for the brand? Don’t be shy to drop a comment below.

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The Audi Q7 has slowly become a very popular SUV among the people who like to do a bit of off roading to their winter cabin but who also want to show off in the city. The new facelifted model has become even more attractive to this type of customers.

That is why the German tuning house B&B has unleashed multiple stage tuning kits for all of the engines available for the new Q7. It has also collaborated with the Belgian firm Caractere to produce some more unique body kits.

Let’s start with the entry-level 3-liter TDI engine, which received a three stage performance kit. The first stage will make the motor generate 280 HP with a torque of 585 Nm. The second, will take its output to 300 HP and a 600 Nm torque, while the stage three kit will offer 325 HP and a torque of 640 Nm.

For customers who opted for the 4.2-liter TDI, the tuning house released a two-stage kit. The first one will output 375 HP with a torque 850 Nm, while the second will take the engine to 400 HP and deliver a torque rating of 900 Nm. The first is pegged at €1,698 while the second will cost €4,950.

Last but most definitely not least, the 6-liter V12 engine will receive another two-stage tuning kit, with the first one costing €2,498 and the second, coming in at a pricier €7,950, which will both take the output to 595 HP with a torque of 1,270 Nm.

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Castrol is definitely promoting its engine oil line with the best of the best, as it has just launched a new ad starring acclaimed football (soccer) player Cristiano Ronaldo, who now plays at Real Madrid in Spain. The Portuguese player promotes Castrol Edge with one of the best cars out there, the BMW M3.

Enjoy the ad below, and hit the jump to see a “making of” video, in which you can see how this impressive ad was made.

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Even though the model was spied multiple times and we even saw a parking lot filled with such cars, the convertible version of the Chevrolet Camaro will appear in 2011, according to General Motors’ CEO, Fritz Henderson, which recently went on a Q&A session for the company blog.

Among the issues tackled, the Chevrolet Camaro was one of the most important ones, as participant asked: “Been patiently waiting for Camaro Convertible. Best guesses are 2012 model in 1st quarter of 2011. With surging popularity of this model is there any chance of GM considering a push for earlier release?” Henderson quickly replied: “Good guess and no.”

So even though people are making their voices heard in terms of a convertible Camaro, the company is sticking with its plans and will wait some time until they unleash the model on the market. Don’t forget though that you can visit SEMA, where there are offers on customizing the Camaro by fitting a folding top on it. Until 2011, your hair will be staying where it is while driving the muscle car from Chevrolet.

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While the title may seem a bit confusing, bear with me. Many people are familiar with Head Up Displays, especially if you like to play video games. These things reveal any valuable information right on your screen. BMW implemented this sort of technology in its 5 Series models, which displayed different information like the speed of the car.

But the engineers at the Bavarian company aren’t resting on their laurels, and have announced that they will introduce in the future 5 Series and other models from the manufacturer a new version of this display. Dubbed “Head Up High“, it will display many other types of information besides speed, like navigation pointers, the speed limit on that current road and other such things.

It will do this in three dimensions, with the driver being able to select which details to be displayed at the front, he will also be able to perform other tasks such as switching radio stations while looking at his windshield. As another innovation, the new display will use a lot of colors, instead of the monochrome one, in the old system.

This system has already been tested with the Mini Crossover Concept and confidence is the project is quite high. Do you believe it will be a viable way of offering information to the driver without diverting his attention from the road? Drop a comment below.

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Yes, you read right, combining all of the great aspects of a drive-through like staying in your car and not moving an inch with the culture of a museum, the Chinese will start building a drive-through museum dedicated to, what else, cars.

After you recovered from the shock, let’s set a few facts straight now. The museum will be built in Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu province in the east of China which is known for its car copy… pardon, making industry located there. Its designed is signed by Francesco Gatti, an Italian designer which won the competition held by the local government of the province, which will be taking care of half of the construction cost.

Inspired by origami designs and reflecting the Eastern philosophy, the museum will be host to some sharp angles and ledges on which various cars will be fastened to. People will be able to cruise with their cars the sides of the building, reaching the top where they can park and visit its center. Its designer and the Chinese government is marketing the building as a car safari, minus the weapons and the sand of the African savanna.

“You visit the first external ramp of the museum with your own private car, like a safari, you park your car on the roof and visit by foot the internal ramp going down,” said Francesco Gatti. “The building could seem to appear as an urban car exhibitor, with its corners and angles filled with tempting shining exposed automobiles.”

The 15,000 square meter museum was set to be finished at the end of this year, but the economic recession pushed back its completion date. Either way, you really have to hand it to this Italian-Chinese project, it certainly got me interested. What do you think? Don’t be shy to drop a comment below.

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When you talk about car safety, Volvo is one of the first things that pops into the mind of any car enthusiast out there. The Swedish company has made a name for itself by implementing and pioneering a lot of safety technologies into its various models.

For the upcoming 2010 S60, which is already under testing in Sweden, the company has prepared something truly innovative: a pedestrian detection system. It will consist of a camera which recognizes the objects and persons in front of the car and in case the current trajectory and speed will have a collision as a result, it will warn the driver. All fine and dandy, but if the driver won’t react, the system will automatically apply the brakes and stop the car at speeds under 25 km/h, and at speeds over this amount, to minimize the effects of the collision.

Overall, a very interesting system which might bring a big change to the car industry. Watch the video below and share your thoughts by leaving a comment

In case you’re not usually traveling by car, there’s a chance that you use your city’s subway system, or at least meet some escalators on your trip. Volkswagen, out of all companies, has observed this type of behavior, as people are becoming more and more lazy, and choose the escalator instead of the normal stairs.

In order to make the stairs more attractive, the company decided to implement its new Fun Theory strategy, and made climbing stairs a truly interesting experience. How did it manage to do that? The company put piano keys on each step, connecting it to a speaker at the entrance in a Stockholm subway station. The result? A lot of people began using the stairs in order to prove their creative sides. Enjoy the video below.

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