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Though this happened back in August, we’ve only recently stumbled across this video, which shows a shocking crash that happened on a highway in Italy, close to Venice, and which was caught by traffic surveillance cameras. Apparently, the truck driver suffered a heart attack or fell asleep and the truck lost control, broke the safety barrier and hit a few vehicles running on the opposite lanes. Seven people lost their lives in this terrible crash. I got the goose bumps while watching this video, which is another proof that the car world, which we all love so much, has a ‘dark’ side too.

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The Seat Ibiza Cupra made its debut at there days’ Paris Motor Show, but now we have another sporty Ibiza treatment, this time from the German tuner JE Design. The tuner has fitted the Ibiza SportCoupe with a body kit that includes a new front spoiler, sport radiator grill, headlight eyebrows, side skirts, roof spoiler and a carbon fiber rear bumper apron attachment.

Though Seat introduced, some time ago, new colors for the model, JE Design added more features that make the car really stand out, like the LSD wing doors, center-mounted trapezoidal tailpipe and special matte black acrylic sheets that take the Ibiza SC’s look closer to the Bocanegra concept. The car also got 35 mm lowered springs and 17 or 18 inch JE Design wheels. Performance upgrades were made to the 1.9 TDI engine, which now delivers 130 hp (40hp more than the production version) and which takes the car from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 10.0 seconds (1.1 seconds faster than production version) and up to a top speed of 198 km/h (128 mph), comparing to 186 km/h (115 mph) on the regular model.

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We really think Opel has done a really good job with the new Insignia and we were glad to finally see the car in the flesh at the Paris Motor Show, where GM’s European arm brought the full line-up, including the Opel Insignia Sports Tourer, which made its world debut here. The car the same elegant design, the new wagon also offers plenty of space for five occupants and a large luggage compartment (540 liters and can be extended up to 1,510 liters).

Beside the seven engines already available for the Insignia line-up, Opel has also announced the introduction of two new engines, an 190 hp 2.0-liter BiTurbo diesel and an 180 hp 1.6-liter gasoline turbo engine, which will also be available for the Insignia sedan. Opel has also mentioned that a fuel efficient ecoFLEX powerplant will be available sometime next year. For more details on the new Opel Insignia Sports Tourer, check out the official press release. And here are the photos from the Paris Motor Show. Enjoy!

Photo Gallery: Opel Insignia Sports Tourer at the Paris Motor Show

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In all the recent madness we’ve had over here with the Paris Motor Show and stuff, we almost forgot to tell you about our new logo, which has been up since last week. So, what do you think about it, you like it? We don’t mind at all if you drop a comment and tell us your opinion. The logo was created by the guys from BroHouse (the website’s in Romanian, so you might not understand anything . We really didn’t want anything fancy, just something simple that would identify Auto Unleashed in the future and we really loved the result. Hope you like it too.

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GM has announced that they started testing a new racing model based on the new Chevrolet Cruze, which will compete in next year’s World Touring Car Championship (WTCC). The car has been developed by the same team that took the previous WTCC Chevrolet car to a streak of twelve wins in world championship races and they hope that the car will be ready for the first stage, scheduled for Curitiba, Brazil.

“The new Cruze will be the next milestone in Chevrolet Europe’s motorsports history. So far, we have achieved every goal we set in 2005, step by step: challenge the competition, score points, prove we can win and then become regular frontrunners against competition with an established motorsports resume. With the Cruze, we will put the bar even higher and firmly aim at winning the World Championship. Chevrolet’s unique ‘trump card’ is having worked with the same team, engineers and drivers for the past four seasons, with the success we all know. To be able to do this again with the Cruze will only help to increase our chances of achieving our goals” said Eric Nève, Chevrolet Europe Motorsport Manager.

Photo Gallery: Chevrolet Cruze WTCC

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Beside the GTbyCitroen and the Hypnos, the new Citroen C3 Picasso was another of the French carmaker’s premieres for Paris. The small MPV, which looks a little like the Kia Soul, with its cube-like body shape, offers plenty of interior space and it will be offered with a range of four petrol and diesel engines that develop between 90 and 120 hp. The car will make its UK debut next year and you can read more about it in our previous post and in the official press release. And here are the photos we took in Paris. Enjoy!

Photo Gallery: Citroen C3 Picasso at the Paris Motor Show

Photo Gallery: Citroen C3 Picasso

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To be honest, I’m surprised nobody thought about this before though, given the current economy, I don’t know if the project will be successful. What we’re talking about is the Carbon ‘E7′, the world’s first purpose-built law enforcement vehicle, developed by Carbon Motors. The E7 (which is only a temporary name), was created with the help of over 1,700 law enforcement professionals, representing all 50 US States, who gave their input to the Carbon Motors team, so that the vehicle could be fully equipped with a suite of purpose-built performance and safety features.

“The military has long used purpose-built vehicles to accomplish their unique missions. Fire engines were specifically designed to provide firefighters with water, aerial ladders or other equipment to assist them in rescue work. And even postal workers have purpose-built trucks for delivering mail. Law enforcement, by comparison, has had to settle for retail cars designed for ordinary passenger use with haphazardly and dangerously installed law enforcement equipment. The women and men who protect our communities deserve better. Carbon’s ‘E7’ will rectify this injustice” said William Santana Li, chairman and chief executive officer, Carbon Motors Corporation.

The vehicle will have features like an ergonomic cockpit inspired by jet fighters and helicopters, a high powered clean-diesel engine capable of running on biodiesel (40 percent improvement in fuel efficiency), integrated external and internal surveillance capabilities, radar, LoJack, an automatic license plate recognition system, radiation and biological threat detectors and 360 degree, high conspicuity built-in LED emergency lighting. In addition, the ‘E7’ will get Carbon’s On-board Rapid Command Architecture (ORCA) with a large touch-screen main display and a separate touch screen keyboard providing world-class data communication and human-machine interface.

You have to admit, this is a very interesting project and it really got our attention, so stay tuned, as we’ll let you know once we have more info. Meanwhile, check out more photos and a video after the jump. Read More: “Carbon ‘E7’, the world’s first purpose-built law enforcement vehicle”

Beside the ‘new’ Exeo, at the Paris Motor Show, Volkswagen’s Spanish brand, Seat, has presented its latest addition to the Ibiza range, the sporty Seat Ibiza Cupra. The car is powered by a brand new twin charged 1.4 TSI engine that delivers 180 hp and 250 Nm of torque at 1,750-4,500 rpm. Mated to a seven-speed DSG gearbox, the engine takes the Ibiza Cupra from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 7.5 seconds and up to a top speed of 225 km/h (140 mph). Fuel consumption is estimated at 6.7 litres/100 km (35 US mpg), while CO2 emissions are at 159 g/km.

The Cupra has a lot of sporty elements, such as a more aggressive body kit that includes a newly-designed bumper and integrated spoiler featuring large air intakes, new U-shaped air vents beneath the newly-designed honeycomb grille, black badges on the front bumper, the word “CUPRA” on the left and 17? five arm double-spoke alloy wheels. The interior features shiny black elements on the dashboard, a more sporty three-spoke steering wheel with the “CUPRA” logo, paddles forl the 7-speed DSG gearbox, two newly-designed instrument dials, new sporty seats with black upholstery and the “CUPRA” logo on the backrest.

For more info about the new Seat Ibiza Cupra, check out the official press release. Also, enjoy the photos we took at the Paris show!

Photo Gallery: The new Seat Ibiza Cupra at the Paris Motor Show

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The German tuner Vorsteiner presented their latest creation, a tuning program for the Porsche 911 997, dubbed the Porsche 997 V-GT Coupe. The body kit includes a full carbon fiber front bumper with integrated carbon fiber inlet with an upper radiator vent grille and a vented rear bumper with integrated carbon fiber diffuser and aero fins. The package also includes special 19, 20 and 22 inch reverse lip forged aluminium 3-piece five spoke wheels, plus the Vorsteiner logo on the door sills. Overall, nothing extreme, but a pretty subtle package for the 911. See more photos after the jump.

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Back in August, GM released the first details about their new global car, the Chevrolet Cruze. Our first impression was great and, though meanwhile we found out that the car will be quite expensive, we were still quite eager to see the car in the flesh, at the Paris Motor Show. And we must say, the car looks really good, too bad that Chevrolet chose the worst place in its stand to display the Cruze. Narrow space, a lot of people hanging around it, so it was quite difficult to grab some decent photos, but we did our best. We’re not going through the car details again, you can read more about it our previous post and in the official press release. Here are the photos:

Photo Gallery: Chevrolet Cruze at the Paris Motor Show

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We’ve already seen a few stylish tuning programs from the Belgian company Caractere and we really like their creations. Nothing extreme, but a lot of good taste. And the same we can say about their latest creation, a styling package for the Volkswagen Tiguan. The body kit is made of polyurethane resin and it includes new front and rear spoiler, new front grille, new roof spoiler, wheel arch extensions. Also, a range of 18, 19 and 20-inch special Caractere wheels will be available. Caractere has announced that the Tiguan kit will be available early next year and will benefit from a 5 year-warranty.

Photo Gallery: VW Tiguan tuning by Caractere

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The Nissan Nuvu concept made its world debut at this year’s Paris Motor Show and it shows Nissan’s ‘new view’ (new view, nuvu, get it?) on urban transportation. The electric car concept is only 3 meters long and has an interesting 2+1 seating: 2 regular seats and a third one that can be folded down when required, and which has a center section made from hardwearing netting that allows cool or warm air to circulate around the occupant’s body. Nissan says that, before deciding on this seating model, they made a research which showed that for 90 percent of the time, people who drive in the city, do it alone, five percent of the time there was one passenger and four percent of the time there were two passengers. This is actually pretty interesting.

According to Nissan, the Nuvu is more than a concept, a fully working mobile test bed for much of the technology that will be used in Nissan’s production EV to be launched in 2010. This is one reason they didn’t release full info about the technology behind the Nuvu. What we do know is that the electric motor has a driving range of 125 km (approx 78 miles) and top speed of 120 km/h (75 mph). It’s laminated lithium-ion batteries are developed in cooperation with NEC Group, and a quick charge from empty to full takes between 10 to 20 minutes while a full charge should take between three to four hours from a domestic 220v socket. The Nuvu also uses a set of solar panels, that Nissan claims help save the equivalent of one full overnight charge each month.

Read more info about the Nissan Nuvu concept in the official press release, and then check out the photos we took at the Paris show. Enjoy!

Photo Gallery: Nissan Nuvu Concept at the Paris Motor Show

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The Audi R8 is definitely one of the coolest supercars out there and we’d love to get our hands on one of them (at least for a drive test). However, even if you have enough money to think about getting one, it’s not that easy, because, though not very cheap, there are a lot of rich dudes that want one. While in Germany the waiting time is eight months, in the United States there are 50 units available each month, and a lot of people wanting them.

But that’s not all; according to Car and Driver, who spoke with Michael Dick, Audi’s member of the board of management for technical development, Audi are preparing some goodies for the R8 fans. First one is the R8 powered by the 5.2 liter V10 engine from the current S8, rumors saying that the engine might be upgraded up to 535 hp. The R8 V10 will be available in the second half of 2009. In the same period, Audi will also introduce the highly anticipated R8 Cabrio (or Convertible orTarga or Spyder, no one knows for sure what’s it going to be called). However, bad news for US customers. While the R8 V10 will be available in 2009, the R8 cabrio won’t be coming to the US until 2010 or 2011.

Another thing everyone was curious about, was if Audi was planning on actually releasing a V12 TDI version of the R8, like the one which was on display at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, but Mr. Dick said that Audi hasn’t yet made a final decision on the project.

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At the Paris Motor Show, Hyundai presented their new Hyundai i20, which made its world debut. Designed at Hyundai’s European headquarters in Russelsheim, Germany, the new i20 follows the styling of the i10 and i30 models and it will replace the Getz in the Hyundai range. On the exterior, the new i20 features a bold chrome-topped grille flanked by piercing teardrop headlamps, color-co-ordinated bumpers, sills and wing mirrors, integrated antenna, mechanical boot release, flush-mounted door handles and 16 inch 12-spoke alloy wheels.

Under the hood, the car will be offered with a range of seven petrol and diesel engines. Petrol engines include a 78 hp 1.2 liter, a 100 hp 1.4 and a 126 hp 1.6 liter, all Euro IV compliant and available with five-speed manual transmissions (four-speed automatic gearboxes are also available for the 1.4 and 1.6 models). The 1.2 liter has an estimated fuel consumption of 5.2 liters/100 km (45.2 US mpg) in the combined cycle and 124 g/km CO2 emissions.

The four turbo diesel engines are also Euro IV compliant and include a 1.4 liter, available with 75 and 90 hp, and a 1.6 liter, available with 115 and 128 hp and with CPF diesel particulate traps as standard. The 115 hp 1.6 achieves a fuel consumption of 4.3 liters/100 km (54.7 US mpg) in the combined cycle and 115 g/km CO2 emissions. The 1.4 models will come with five-speed manual transmissions, while the 1.6 is mated to a six-gear manual gearbox.

For more info on the new Hyundai i20, check out the official press release. And here are the photos we took at the Paris show.

Photo Gallery: Hyundai i20 at the Paris Motor Show

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In the past, we’ve seen a lot of new cars showing up for the first time in the most unusual places. This one’s a good example of that. We already knew that Nissan is working on a new 370Z and we even got to see several spy photos of the new car. However, now we get to see a partial view of the car, uncamouflaged, in a video teaser for EA Games’ new Need for Speed Undercover video game. The game, which is already a classic among car and video games fans, will hit US stores on November 18 and it will make its Europe debut three days later, on November 21.

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