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Car companies are getting with the times, and right after Mercedes-Benz announced that it has launched an application for the iPhone and iPod Touch through which customers can pay their lease fees, car alarm company Viper has also revealed that it launched a new app for the Apple devices which can start your engine no matter where you are.

The new technology has two parts: the first is the iPhone app which can be downloaded and used for free in the first year but starting with the second will cost $30, and the SmartStart module for the car. In case you already have a Viper alarm, you only need the module which costs a hefty $300, and in case you don’t have an alarm, you’ll have to pay $500.

This new app will broadcast your signal to the SmartStart module through either the AT&T network or the WiFi connection, in case of the iPhone and iPod Touch respectively. Enjoy the video below which shows you just how it all works.

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In stark contrast with the previous article which revealed that young people aren’t that interested in cars these days, we have just received a video from ABC News which tells the story of a 15-year-old boy which swiped his dad’s Porsche Boxster car, got his 12-year-old cousin in the passenger seat and went for a joy ride around Porter Ranch in Los Angeles, California.

Of course, the young boy didn’t manage to control the sports car and drove right off a cliff into a construction zone located down a 70-feet drop. But as a testimony to the nearly perfect weight ratio between the front and rear axle, the car managed to land with all four wheels on the ground, and the two young boys didn’t experience any major injuries, walking away from the crash with only a big scare.

“Miracles still happen, that’s the best way I can put it,” Officer Eric Hansen from the LAPD told ABC news. “Firemen were saying that they’ve never seen that deep of a drop without fatalities, and they were able to walk out of it.”

It seems that the police aren’t going to press any charges, but the boys need to do some serious explanation to their family, which while angry at them, is happy to see they made it out without any serious injury.

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Sadly you read right, it seems that a new study conducted by J.D. Power and Associates between January and August on various auto-related websites, personal blogs and social services like Twitter or Facebook has reached the conclusion that young people, specifically the Generation Y, with people born in the 1980s and early 90s, don’t consider cars a necessity in the same way as older generations.

The study divided the sample into teens (12-18) and early careerists (22-29). The results were very suggestive: “Online discussions by teens indicate shifts in perceptions regarding the necessity of and desire to have cars.”

It is believed that many factors have impacted young people into shifting their behavior. First of all, the economic recession has seriously made a dent in budgets and the cost of running and maintaining a car don’t justify themselves for many people. “Also, with the advent of social media and other forms of electronic communities, teens perceive less of a need to physically congregate, and less of a need for a mode of transportation,” revealed the study.

“The negative perceptions of the automotive industry that teens and early careerists hold could have implications on future vehicle sales,” said Chance Parker, VP and general manager of J.D. Power and Associates. “Generation Y could have the greatest spending power of any generation — even surpassing that of the Baby Boomers. It will be essential for automakers to earn the trust and loyalty of Gen-Y consumers, who are particularly critical of brands and products.”

What’s worse is that the precedent has already been felt by Japan, which is the first big country to record a decrease in car sales, as many young people, especially from crowded city areas like Tokyo, don’t feel the need for a car.

But car makers shouldn’t worry, as there will always be China, in which over 1 billion people can’t get enough of cars and feel practically no recession at all, meaning that spending budgets are pretty big in most cases.

What about you? Do you feel the need for a car in these troubled times? While I do own one (and I’m also a member of the Generation Y) unless it is necessary and convenient, I prefer public transportation to driving my car, as it allows me to focus on other things and avoid the stress of driving through a crowded city filled with angry motorists. Don’t be shy to drop a comment below with your thoughts on the matter.

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You would think that German automaker Opel has almost all of its bases covered with models like the Insignia, Astra or Corsa, but it seems that people have been complaining that the small Corsa is too big and can’t really maneuver well in the city (/sarcasm). This, coupled with the fact that rivals are launching smaller and cheaper city cars, like the Toyota iQ or Volkswagen Up!, has made Opel start working on the Allegra, on which we have a speculative image at the beginning of the article.

Believed to be a smaller brother of the Corsa, it is very likely that it will be based on an even smaller version of the current entry-level Opel model and will be built in only three doors. What’s more interesting is that it is reported to have a starting price at around €5,500, when it will be released around 2012 or 2013.

Don’t forget though that the current transaction between the Canadians at Magna and General Motors might also affect the development of the future city car, so you might be safe considering the Corsa for your small car needs.

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Italian carmaker Fiat is taking its newly formed partnership with the Americans at Chrysler very seriously and has even announced that the two companies are working on a fully-electric model which will appear in the next few years.

The statement was confirmed by Chrysler board of directors member Alfredo Altavilla, which limited himself on saying that the project is going smoothly and that the two corporations are collaborating without a problem.

This news is definitely interesting and just goes to prove that Fiat has some big plans alongside Chrysler, after revealing that the American brand will soon rival Cadillac on its local market, in terms of build quality and popularity.

Do you believe that an electric model from Chrysler and Fiat might be good thing? Share your opinion by leaving a comment below.

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The Internet was buzzing with rumors lately after a presumed image of a new Sonata-based coupe from Hyundai surfaced. This led to a lot of speculations on whether it is the much talked about Veloster model or if it is a new version of the mid-size sedan from the Korean manufacturer.

Now though, a source from inside the company has talked about the image and proclaimed it to be nothing but fiction and that Hyundai isn’t planning on releasing any type of coupe model based on the 2010 Sonata / i40.

It would seem that the four-door version is enough for the Korean company, which will continue to market the Genesis rear-wheel drive coupe as the best two-door fun you can have with one if its models. Don’t forget that the eagerly awaited Veloster is also in testing, which will offer a bit of fun but with a great mileage, according to the Korean company.

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In yet another move which highlights the growing importance of the Chinese market for European car makers, Volkswagen has announced that it will be bringing its Passat CC premium model to the Asian country in 2010, with the manufacturing and assembly set to be handled by the local FAW Group.

Although there aren’t any official data on what engines will be sold with the Magotan CC, as it will be know in China, it is suspected that the European 3.6-liter gasoline engine will be replaced with either a 1.8 TSI or a 2.0 TSI motors, also set to be manufactured by the FAW Group.

Either way, Volkswagen’s decision to bring the Passat CC is a rational one and will only add to the profit the German company is experiencing, as the Chinese car market doesn’t seem to be feeling any sort of recession these days.

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In an effort to gain popularity with the eco-conscious crowd, Italian automaker Lancia has just announced that an Ecochic GPL-powered version of its premium hatchback, the Delta, will be appearing in Europe. The model, will join cars from the brand which have already received an Ecochic version, like the Musa or Ypsilon.

Powering this car will be the reliable 1.4-liter T-Jet engine which will of course run on GPL and develop 120 HP. This different power option will allow potential buyers to benefit from different types of bonuses in certain countries in Europe, including Lancia’s native Italy.

Other models from the Fiat group which will soon get a GPL version include the Bravo hatchback in the near future and many other cars.

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In a move to get more cars on the lower price range of the car market, Volkswagen has announced that it is in fact working a new generation of the famous Volkswagen Beetle, which will differentiate itself from the current “New Beetle” model.

It will do this thing by offering more space for the passengers in the back, which often complained about the ride quality. This information, alongside the fact that it will fill the price niche between the current Golf and Polo models, has been confirmed by Stefan Jacoby, the president and CEO of Volkswagen America.

Also, the executive revealed that we must expect a different design, as the future Beetle will incorporate both the traditional look of the model, but also elements from the more aggressive design philosophy found on cars like the Polo, Golf of Scirocco.

Are you excited about a new Volkswagen Beetle? Drop a comment below.

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Are you in the market for a lightweight supercar which will offer the same thrills as a Lotus and weigh about the same? Well it seems that the Japanese have something straight up your alley, as Supasse, a niche manufacturer from the land of the rising sun has announced that it will unveil the Supasse V supercar at the Tokyo Motor Show.

While the fact that it is powered by Mazda’s 2.3-liter DISI Turbo engine, which outputs 272 HP, do bear in mind that the whole car weighs around 850 kg (1,873 lbs), meaning that it will have supercar-level performance figures.

On the outside, the Supasse V certainly tries to look the part as its design does bring to mind the Ferrari Enzo, not to mention the Lambo-style vertical doors. The sporty nature is also highlighted by the big ar intakes on the hood and the carbon fiber wind on the back.

No performance figures were given, not to mention a price, so it seems that we must wait until the Tokyo show starts at the end of the month.

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Nissan’s latest entry in the hot coupe market, the 370Z has certainly attracted many eyes with its great design and top notch performance. But the team at Senner thought there was enough room for improvement and has just announced that it will release its first tuning kit for the Japanese model.

Revamping both the outside and the mechanical inside of the car, the new kit from Senner upgrades the 3.7-liter V6 engine with a new Invidia exhaust system and various other tweaks, in order to boost the performance, taking its output to 353 HP. The suspension has also been overhauled, as the team added a KW Variant 3 one, which allows the ride height to be lowered between 15 and 50 mm in the front and between 15 and 45 mm for the back axle.

On the outside, the tuners fitted a new body kit, including various carbon fiber parts like a front apron and a rear diffuser. The boot lid also received a spoiler in order to complete the package. Making contact with the ground is a set of 20-inch light alloy rims, available in racing white or matte black finish, wrapped in Vredestein tires which are narrower at the front, 9 inches, and wider at the back, 10 inches.

No price was announced sadly, but we can still enjoy the pics of the Senner tuned Nissan 370Z.

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For those of you eagerly anticipating the next generation of BMW’s M5 super saloon, we definitely have something very special in store, as a new video of the prototype of the future F10 M5 lapping the famous Nurburgring circuit has recently surfaced.

In it, you can see the rather bulky car try to make it around the track, but I do have to say that it looks a bit … fat, as you can see it sway in the corners. Hopefully the engineers will fix it in the production model. Also, you will be able to hear the new twin-turbo V8 engine, which will replace the old V10 in the current model. It doesn’t really have the same ring, but it is pleasant nonetheless. Watch it and share your opinion by leaving a comment.

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In case you haven’t been up to date with the newest trends in advertising and promotion, know that augmented reality is the newest trend. It allows people to hold special pages in front of their webcam and reveals different types of images onto it, which can be seen on the screen. Sounds kinda weird right?

Well you just need to watch the video below showcasing a new marketing strategy for Citroen’s DS3 model. People need to visit the website, print out a special A4 paper and hold it in front of the webcam. Magically, the screen will reveal a replica of the DS3 on the paper.

What’s more, Citroen has also devised a small driving game in which you need to hold a paper with a steering wheel in front of the webcam in order to steer the car in the game. Enjoy the video below and even try it out for yourselves.

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Are you on the fence about buying one of the new Porsche 911 models? Well luckily for your and unfortunately for your wallet/bank account, Porsche’s executive VP in charge of research and development, Wolfgang Durheimer has just revealed a video tour of all of the new additions to the new model.

From the bodykit to the new engine parts, Durheimer doesn’t miss anything in the new model, in which he really implemented the best and brightest ideas from the German manufacturer. Enjoy the video below.

Lexus has started a brand new teaser campaign which will maximize the attention its upcoming supercar, the LF-A, will get when it will be officially revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show at the end of the month. This campaign takes testimonials from the journalists and drivers who have been at the wheel of the car, and who are just throwing attributes at it.

In case you’re not from the Netherlands or aren’t very familiar with the automotive press from that country, then you should know that Thomas Bangma is a respected journalists and has driven many supercars for his job. He says that the Lexus LF-A is the best he has ever driven, so few can really question his sincerity.

But there are two very interesting aspects to this video. First of all, you’ll be able to hear the engine of the LF-A while it is doing a flying lap, with its rumored V10 engine blasting on all cylinders, and the fact that Lexus will do a limited run of the supercar, but sadly we don’t know the number, as it has been censored. Rumors peg it around 500 vehicles, but we must wait until the end of the month to find out. Enjoy the video below.

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