RPMGO in Paris: Day One | Rpmgo.com

Hey guys, I am finally here in the lovely Paris and I can say that I already had plenty of interesting adventures here.

First thing’s first, it seems that the French really love to take things slowly, everything besides their talking rhythm that is, as before we headed to the start of the parade in which over 100 iconic Citroen models were to start, we decided to eat at a restaurant right besides the famous Champs Elysee boulevard. While the waiter was very funny and smiled all the time, the fact that he was very late with our orders, even though we told him we were in a hurry, made all of us (me, Laura and a few other journalists) rather upset.

It was now 6:50 PM and at 7 sharp we needed to get to the Eiffel Tower in order to randez-vous with the organizers. As you might have guessed, this meant running through the small and twisted alleys of Paris with our bellies full. About when our stomachs were giving us signals to stop this unnatural behavior, we arrived and were immediately greeted by the fantastic sound of the Citroen GT which started revving its engine, preparing to lead the parade of classic Citroen models.

Unfortunately, our tardiness meant that we couldn’t go with more famous models like the 2CV or DS, but for the cobble stones of Paris, the hydraulic suspensions of a 16 valve BX were more than adequate. As its owner was very enthusiastic about his 1991 model, he was more than willing to show us what it can do, unleashing its power every time he had the chance.

I do have to admit that Citroen should have probably chosen another evening to schedule the parade, as this was a “White Night”, meaning that all of the museums, stores and clubs were open until after midnight, meaning that there was a very big number of cars and tourists all around the city. But this meant that we had plenty of stops at traffic lights which gave me the chance to take plenty of photos.

Overall, it was a great experience and a truly interesting way to see Paris. Stay tuned for the rest of my “adventures” through Paris on Monday. until then, the city still has plenty of other landmarks for me to discover. Sadly, it won’t be in a Citroen.