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Every time an auto show is about to begin, the weeks before are crazy, with a lot of arrangements needed to be done for the trip and for the show. Happily, we’re done and tomorrow morning we’ll be leaving for Germany, with the Frankfurt Motor Show as our destination. But we’re not just gonna go to the show and back, because this year we’ve decided to take a small trip around Germany and visit the museums of some of the world’s most important car makers. Here’s our schedule (in case you’re around in one of these days, let us know and maybe we’ll have a drink together):

Sep 8 – Leaving Bucharest by car Sep 9 – Arrival in Munchen

Sep 10 – We’ll pick up a BMW 1 Series Coupe from the BMW hq in Munchen (which we’ll be driving for a week around Germany) and we’ll visit the BMW Museum and the BMW Welt (thanks a lot Alex for all your help!)

Sep 11 – Arrival in Ingolstadt Sep 12 – We’ll visit the Audi Museum and we’ll head for Stuttgart Sep 13 – Visit at the Mercedes Benz museum (thanks a lot Mercedes for all your help) Sep 14 – We’re not sure yet if we’ll stay another day in Stuttgart and try to get to the Porsche museum or if we’ll head for Frankfurt Sep 15 – First press day at the motor show Sep 16 – Second press day and departure to Munchen Sep 17 – We’ll be leaving the 1 Series back with BMW and we’ll head for home

Sep 18 – Arrival back in Romania

We’ll be staying at five different hotels, so we really hope we’ll have a good internet connection to manage and keep you updated on where we are and what we’ll been doing.

Another thing I wanted to let you guys now is that starting this week, we have a new member on our team, Andrei. We’ll write a more detailed post introducing him later, but just wanted you to know that we’re really happy to have him onboard, especially with him already having around 100 posts written for RPMGO (Auto Unleashed back then) last year.

Also, a small update on us. As you’ve probably noticed, it was pretty quiet around here in the past month. Beside August being the last week of summer (vacation time!) we were and are also involved with another project (which we’re really thrilled about and hope it’s going to be huge) which took a lot of our time. We’re not letting you know yet what exactly it’s about, but we’re working hard to try and launch it as soon as possible, so stay tuned because it’s going to be uber-cool. Things will get back to normal this week, when Andrei will start helping us, probably on Wednesday or Thursday.

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