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Like we promised last week, today we’ll start a new section over here on Auto Unleashed, called Rpmgo Readers’ Cars, where we’ll present cars that our readers drive. We thought of creating this section after several of our readers sent us photos of their cars to ask us what do we think about them. And it would also be cool to see what everyone drives over here, no matter if it’s a brand new R8 or an old piece of junk. All cars are cars, after all and we love it no matter what. Read more about this here.

The first one to show us his car is cj_jeep, one of our readers from Romania. After owning a new Skoda Octavia, he fell in love with the Compass, the first time he saw it and decided to buy one. And that’s not all, because he didn’t settle with any version of the Compass, he bought the top of the line, with the Mopar kit. And what’s the first cj did after the car arrived? Took it into the woods to give it a really tough offroad test. The car did pretty good, as you can see in the video below.

So, about the car, cj says he paid around 30,000 Euros for it (all taxes included) and that it has a lot of features (almost all available). And, as you can see, it also looks really great. The car is powered by the 2.0 liter diesel engine that produces 140 hp at 4,000 rpm and 310 Nm. The official fuel consumption is 8.3 l/100km (urban), 5.4 l/100km (highway) and 6.5 l/100km (mixed) and cj says those numbers are pretty close to the real road-condition values.

So, what do you think about cj’s car? Drop a comment here.

Click here for all the photos.

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