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Hello and welcome to another nominee session for the RPMGO Weekly Awards feature where we honor the best and worst piece of news coming from the automotive industry. It’s been a pretty busy week, leading up to the start of the Geneva Motor Show, so we were literally flooded with good and bad news.

As you might remember, you’ll be able to vote one of four articles in each of our sections, Perfect Shift and Over Rev. Tomorrow we’ll be giving out the awards based on your votes in the polls below. Enough talk, let’s get right to business shall we?

Perfect Shift

Citroen DS3 Racing formally unveiled, 200 HP hot hatch – We were already pretty excited about the new Citroen DS3, but the DS3 Racing the French company unveiled at the end of last week has really sparked our interest. A hot hatch with over 200 HP and using the rally experience Citroen has accumulated over the years? Yes, please!

Mercedes-Benz F800 Style concept previews future CLS – Mercedes-Benz already teased us with a rising sculpture, but it has decided at the beginning of the week to fully unveil the new F800 Style Concept, which previews the future CLS class. The SLS AMG-like grille coupled with the aggressive design definitely made us excited, but the plug-in and fuel cell powertrains which won’t make it to production anytime soon didn’t have the same effect.

Audi RS5 officially detailed: 450 HP 4.2-liter V8 brute coming to Geneva – We were treated over the weekend to a batch of leaked pictures portraying the new Audi RS5, but soon the German company formally unveiled it, and its massive 450 HP 4.2-liter naturally-aspirated V8 engine, which might be capable of putting the BMW M3 Coupe in its place.

2011 Porsche Cayenne SUV photos and details leaked before official debut – Many people could hardly await the new generation 2011 Cayenne SUV, at least according to the massive sales the last generation recorded. The new car has a sportier design, but there are some elements over which we aren’t falling head over heels in love.

Over Rev

Video: Camaro owner tries to do a burnout, wrecks car – Burnouts, many car fans absolutely love them, that’s why such competitions usually attract a lot of people. This guy however, in his attempt to show off his Chevrolet Camaro, only ended up making a fool of himself.

Mansory-tuned Rolls Royce Ghost can’t outrun bad taste even with 710 HP – Rolls Royce models usually stand for elegance and distinction. According to the tuners at Mansory, they stand more for huge power and bad taste. This tuned Rolls Royce Ghost amazed us with its 710 HP but burned our eyes with the blue and gold paint scheme.

Hyundai stops sale of 2011 Sonata, recalls units over door latch problem – Hyundai was quite keen to take a chunk out of Toyota’s popularity, especially since the Japanese company was forced to issue many recalls. Sadly, Hyundai’s most anticipated launch, the 2011 Sonata, was also plagued with some problems, which forced a recall and sale halt, to solve.

Honda brings 3R-C and EV-N Concepts at its futuristic Geneva booth – I’m all for the futuristic thinking, but the two concepts Honda will be bringing to Geneva are just way too far out for anyone to wrap their heads around. Sure, the EV-N might be closer to production, but the 3R-C just seems it hopped out of a Sci-Fi movie.

Those were our nominees for the awards. Now it’s up to you to cast our vote in the two polls below, and choose which was the best and worst news story of the week.  Loading …  Loading …

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